The Bugz Update is Buzzing in!

09 Jul 2020

Yotunz! We’re introducing Arboria’s second major update, the Bugz Update, which introduces plenty of new features, such as symbionts, mutation, enemies, and much, much more. Now grab a potion, sit back while the update downloads, and check out the full patch notes! Watch the update trailer: New Symbionts: Hammer and Double Blade Smash and slice […]

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02 Jul 2020

Explore The Kingdom of Elves

Champions! The mist is clearing, another part of The Four Kingdoms is being revealed! Are you prepared to venture into The Republic of Larastir, the elven realm? After The Fall of Alaloth, the elves have retreated from the world. Many have been leaving cities all over the kingdoms, going deeper into the forests and to […]

29 Jun 2020

Ghostrunner Roundup

Ghostrunner has been seeing a lot of action recently! An all-new gameplay trailer premiered at the Future Games Show and even more was shared by some big names in the industry. The best part of it all is that we get to share the resulting community comments and content with you. Brand new footage Have […]

25 Jun 2020

Save up to 70% on All in! Games titles.

It’s time for the Summer Sale! Tools Up!, Fort Triumph, Arboria, ‘It came from space and ate our brains’, Little Racer, and Space Cows are all now on sale. Save up to 70% on your favorite game.

19 Jun 2020

What’s new—relive the thrilling events of last week and grab three demos on Steam!

Last week was packed with amazing online events and just a few days ago the Steam Game Festival started its Summer Edition with demo versions of our games. Read for more details!