Phantom Hellcat: Jolene’s Early Look and Badges

9 December, 2022


Take a look at an art piece with Jolene’s early look as she’s jumping into the magical world of theater. You can see the final piece next to it.

The idea was to find a dynamic, aggressive pose to show Joe’s readiness for a fight with the forces of evil that have taken the theater. The surroundings are composed of theater scenography and the biomes Joe will visit during her play.

The key art shows the combination the real world and a magical theater fantasy. You can see the walkman in it, an item Joe always takes with her. The masks symbolize the magic power she will gain.

If you paid close attention to the heroine’s look, you’ve noticed the badges on her jackets, alluding to Jolene’s hobbies and the 90s, the time period the game is set in. The cassette and the skull reflect Jo’s love for music, and the boxer glove is a reference to her skills in martial arts. The rocket represents her intelligence as it’s connected to space travel and NASA.

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