20 Oct 2020

Arboria—Dungeons & Rogue-lites

A large variety of items that can be found in procedurally-generated dungeons and numerous unique encounters with dozens of different enemies make Arboria a great example of a roguelite experience. But what are rogue-lite games? And what does rogue-like mean? Let’s find out!

20 Oct 2020

Of Bird and Cage Demo Roundup

The Of Bird and Cage demo was available for the first time ever during the Steam Game Festival: Autumn Edition and your feedback exceeded our expectations. Thank you for your interest in the game! We can’t wait to share more details with you.

19 Oct 2020

New major update and sale for Fort Triumph!

We have great news! Not only do we have a big update for you—Fort Triumph is on sale with a 35% discount from October 19-26!

16 Oct 2020

Arboria—Dev Diary #2

Arboria continues to grow with the release of our fifth Major Update since launching in Early Access. Check out the Dev Diary!