06 Aug 2020

Red Wings: Aces of the Sky—The Versus Update is here!

The Versus Update has landed and it introduces a brand new Battle Mode in which you can fight against other players locally in three different match types.

30 Jul 2020

Paradise Lost: The Last Story on Earth Series begins today!

Today we’re opening the vault to Paradise Lost’s ‘Last Story on Earth Series’. WWII went very differently in Paradise Lost than the events we know from our timeline.

29 Jul 2020

Metamorphosis Release Date Announced with New Trailer & Demo Available!

The time has finally come to reveal the release date of Metamorphosis! Chart your path through the nooks and crannies of civilization on August 12.

24 Jul 2020

Take a peek inside the design of Metamorphosis

As the release of Metamorphosis approaches (more news coming really soon), we’d like to take a deep dive into the game’s design. Check it out!