16 Jul 2021

Of Bird and Cage—Who is Rocky Gray?

Of Bird and Cage is a unique project: a metal album blended with a story-driven game. One of the famous artists who helped to bring this game to life is the drummer and guitarist Rocky Gray.

08 Jul 2021

The Best Family Co-Op Games That Are Kid-Friendly

The next worst thing to a rainy summer is a summer with a delightful bunch of bored kids, so take a look at our best family co-op games. We’re sure that you’ll find something there to bring back a bright smile to your kid’s face, no matter their age.

01 Jul 2021

Of Bird and Cage—Who is Danny Worsnop?

Danny Worsnop, the lead vocalist of Asking Alexandria and We Are Harlot, voiced Ari, one of the characters from the game. What is his story? How did he join the Of Bird and Cage project?

25 Jun 2021

How to become a Release Manager in game development?

If you’ve ever wondered how an idea for a game becomes a reality, you might already know a little something about game development and marketing. Are you familiar with the release process of a game? Do you know what a Release Manager in game dev does? We’re here to solve that mystery for you.