17 Sep 2020

Ghostrunner Launches October 27 Globally

Pre-order Ghostrunner for exclusive access to two digital katanas and up to 20% off!

17 Sep 2020

Paradise Lost Reddit AMA coming soon!

To answer all your questions (without spoiling the story of course!) and get you as excited about Paradise Lost as we are, we’ll be hosting an AMA over at r/gaming on Reddit with Bogdan Graczyk Paradise Lost’s game director and main narrative designer. Find out more here!

11 Sep 2020

Join All in! Games at PAX Online 2020!

Despite all events being moved to the virtual world, we’ve been keeping busy this year. Now we’re coming to PAX Online 2020 with Ghostrunner and Paradise Lost!

10 Sep 2020

Delve into the Expanse of Karak-Hohn

The clouds that once hid the peaks of Karak-Hohn have drawn back, leaving them open for discovery. Will you follow the rocky path to the dwarven realm?