20 Mar 2020

‘It came from space and ate our brains’: About the items

Having trouble making it through hordes of aliens? Here’s some gear that will help you to stay alive!

19 Mar 2020

Arboria: Mutations and Symbionts

The ultimate goal of each Yotun is to defeat Jormund, the great serpent. To achieve this, Yotunz descend underground, kill monsters who harm Yggr, heal the Father Tree’s roots and mine veri to please the gods and improve Yggr. What weapons do they use?

13 Mar 2020

Nintendo Switch: tiny console, huge hit!

Nintendo Switch has just celebrated its third birthday! The tiny device with the huge impact on the gaming world has been with us since 2017. Check out our Switch games here!

12 Mar 2020

Tools Up! (PS4, XONE, Switch) – Update #2

The second Tools Up! update for PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch is here! Check out the changes.