Phantom Hellcat: Enviro and Medusa

6 January, 2023


Today we’ll take a look at the scenography in Phantom Hellcat, some of which you can see in the trailer. The mechanism of the Sun and Moon is related to the elements of theater scenography, thanks to which the day and night cycle changes symbolically. Stylistically, it alludes to the play’s theme and one of our inspirations for the level—the classic story about Dracula.

Phantom Hellcat developer insights medusa enviro

For the clock tower, we were looking for a way to combine theater convention with the realism of our world. We were mainly inspired by gothic castle architecture.

Phantom Hellcat developer insights medusa enviro

Coming back to our heroine, did you notice Medusa on Jolene’s jacket? Medusa, a character from Greek mythology and plays, symbolizes female power and wrath—characteristics which are also close to Jo.

Phantom Hellcat developer insights medusa enviro

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