16 Mar 2021

Arboria—Dev Diary #6

Arboria’s newest update, the Mutated Machinery Update has introduced a new symbiont, NPC, new gameplay mechanics, and much more! Check out the latest Dev Diary to find out some more details about the new changes.

15 Mar 2021

Arboria—Play the Demo Today!

Is a new 3D rogue-lite exactly what you’ve been looking for? Then play the Arboria demo today! Begin your journey through the dungeons of Durnar, mutate to become stronger, and master a wide variety of Symbionts to become a skilled fighter. Read more about the demo here.

12 Mar 2021

Arboria—The Mutated Machinery Update is here!

The eighth Early Access update is here to give you more options for fighting Mutantz enemies! The update introduces a new symbiont, NPC, new gameplay mechanics, and more.

29 Jan 2021

Arboria—Dev Diary #5

The Infested Depths update is here and along with it comes a set of new Mutant Enemies, making it even more challenging to survive in Durnar. Read the latest Dev Diary to learn more about the update.