05 Oct 2021

Arboria patch available!

Yotunz! The Godz have blessed us with a new patch today that will make your experience in Durnar even better.

23 Sep 2021

Tips for Yotunz—traverse Durnar with your eyes closed!

Don’t let bloodlust blind you in Durnar. Apart from fighting enemies you need to gather Veri and heal the Father Tree’s roots. Fear not, we won’t leave you alone with this task! Here’s a handful of tips for brave explorers.

10 Sep 2021

Arboria’s Launch Update is Available!

Arboria has changed once more, this time with the final major update, the Launch Update, marking the end of our Early Access journey! We assure you, the Trollz are now more beautiful than ever.

09 Sep 2021

Win a free copy of Arboria in The Trialz of Durnar contest!

The Tribe is celebrating the launch of the full version of Arboria. Take part in a series of challenges and win a free copy of the game!