21 Dec 2020

Arboria—Dev Diary #4

A holiday update is here and it introduces several new features. Read more here.

18 Dec 2020

Arboria—The Frosty Update is here!

The snow is snowing and the wind is blowing, but with the new Frosty Update here, you’ll be able to weather the storm! For a limited time you’ll be able to enjoy the chilling company of Frosty and exchange candies for Legendary Equipment as well as get in the season, with a new positive trait—Holiday Spirit.

20 Nov 2020

Arboria—Dev Diary #3

Find out what the developers of Arboria say about the latest update, Tainted Throne. Explore the dungeons of Durnar now.

19 Nov 2020

Arboria—Take the Tainted Throne

A brand new update is here! Will you conquer the Tainted Throne with your new Mutation and Symbiont? It’s time to find out. Only the strongest will open the gates to the new world!