18 Dec 2020

Ghostrunner—Hardcore Mode & Winter Pack Available Now!

Winter is coming to Dharma Tower. Get ready to enjoy the new Hardcore game mode available for everyone as part of a free update. Fancy a stylish icy look? Grab the Ghostrunner Winter Pack DLC now for just $1.99 / €1.99! Read on to find out more details.

10 Dec 2020

Watch the new Ghostrunner trailer!

Today we’re here with a little something special just for you. Ghostrunner has just received a brand new trailer. Watch it until the very end for a surprise!

20 Nov 2020

Ghostrunner—Developer AMA

On Monday, November 23, at 6AM PST/9AM EST there will be a special Ghostrunner developer AMA with One More Level hosted at r/GhostRunner.

10 Nov 2020

Ghostrunner now on Nintendo Switch!

One of the most anticipated titles of 2020 is finally here on all platforms! Ghostrunner is now available for purchase on Nintendo Switch 20% off. And if you get the game before December 10, you’ll receive two exclusive katana swords.