02 Jul 2021

Arboria—Dev Diary #8

Yotunz! We’re proud to present the Loot and Legend update and we would like to talk a bit about the new features it offers.

30 Jun 2021

Arboria—The Loot and Legend update has arrived.

The tenth Early Access update has arrived to the Yotun Village—The Loot and Legends update. See more here.

14 Jun 2021

Arboria is coming out this August!

We’ve received a message from the Godz—Arboria will be fully released on PC in August 2021!

30 Apr 2021

Arboria—Dev Diary #7

We’re proud to present the Toxic Quarters Update in which you’ll find a new Symbiont and Mutation, new Enemies and Challenges, and more. Read the seventh Dev Diary for Arboria here.