Arboria—Dev Diary #7

30 Apr 2021

Greetings, Yotunz!

We’re proud to present the Toxic Quarters Update in which you’ll find a new Symbiont and Mutation, new Enemies and Challenges, and more. Additionally you’ll get to face an extra challenging, secret opponent. He’s just waiting for a Yotun warrior bold enough to trespass on his Toxic Quarters so he can play his set of tricks on them. Will you be clever enough to overcome him? We hope you’ll find your encounters with him challenging and fun.

As mentioned earlier, a new Symbiont has been added to the set, Chain-Drill. You can use its Basic Attack to perform a long reach attack using its Chain which will pull enemies toward you, ideally for a follow-up with an Alternative Attack that is more powerful but has quite a short range. Additionally, Chain-Drill has a unique mechanic of heating up which increases its damage after drilling enemies by mashing the Alternative Attack Button. We’ve also added a new Mutation, Mine Spitter. You can use it to either lay mines or shoot them at the enemies. We’re hoping that you’re going to enjoy this explosive new addition.     

In this update, the final enemy of the Mutantz Set joins his fellow creatures in Durnar, Behemoth. It is the biggest and deadliest among the Mutantz and will surely cause you some troubles. Another change that the update brings is the rebalancing of enemies to make them tougher. Reptilz enemies especially are now much more dangerous with the addition of a Rage Mechanic. When a Reptilz loses its tail, it will enter a Rage state which nullifies all Elemental Damage received by it and increases Damage dealt by it for a set amount of time. 

To help you with both new and old enemies found in Durnar we’ve reworked some of the Symbionts to make them more unique. The following changes were made in regard to Symbionts:

  • Spike – Rework: Now a player can perform a forward jump attack after any attack by pressing “Forward” + Alternative. Charge Attack has 2 charge stages.
  • Shield Blade – Total Rework: Now every Alternative Attack is also a Charge Attack, during which the Player takes reduced damage from frontal attacks, and if they absorb an attack, they gain a minor Damage boost for their next attack. Additionally, if Charge Attack is released right before a player gets hit, they receive Full Damage Reduction, and a massive Damage boost.
  • Axe – Basic and Alternative Attacks stack on Attack Speed boost. Charge Attack additionally gives a timed Armor Penetration boost. 
  • Sabre – Charge Attack is now faster.
  • Macuahuitl – An additional action has been added that boosts Attack Damage/ Stability/ Impact/ Movement /Speed, at the cost of Health, and a penalty for Damage Received.
  • Halberd – Halberd now grows with attacks.
  • Sword – Basic Attacks can now be additionally charged by tapping the basic attack input button during the anticipation phase.
  • Hammer – An additional action has been added: quick body slam.

We hope that these reworks will make Symbionts more variable and fun to use.

The rework of Symbionts and balancing of enemies aren’t the only big changes in this update. One of the most impactful changes on gameplay is the new Pause Menu. Now, you can pause the game at any moment to check your Inventory, change your Usables set to Hotkeys, free up Inventory Slots by deleting items, or check out Stats, Blueprints, and Logs without having to worry about enemies attacking you in the meantime. We’ve also enabled the stacking of different kinds of Elemental Damage on enemies which results in an explosion of the most recently added Element when one Elemental State is overridden with the next. This makes fighting using different Elements more effective. It is also now possible to cancel the usage of Usables by using Dash. The possibility to do this has been requested by you guys a couple of times and it just makes combat and using Usables more fluid. In total, this update introduces a lot of changes and improvements so be sure to check out changelog in the update post for all the details.

Another change is a new Gameplay Mechanic to the Dungeons, Godz Simulation Tests, known also as the Yotun Calibration System. You will now be able to find special Simulation Chairs inside Durnar that let your Yotun enter a special, virtual challenge which, upon completion, grants them a Stats increase, Blueprints, and a Mutagen. Tests are mostly timed activities like killing all enemies in a set amount of time, traversing through corridors full of traps, killing enemies using traps, or killing a set amount of enemies without getting hit. The tests are tough but the prize is worth the effort. Dying inside a simulation won’t cause your Yotun’s death but it will reset the simulation. You’re free to try as many times as you want. Will you take on the challenge of the Godz Simulation Tests? Join the discussion on our Discord

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