Arboria is coming out this August!

14 Jun 2021

Greetings Yotunz!

We’ve received a message from the Godz—Arboria will be fully released on PC in August 2021! If you haven’t been to Durnar yet, check out the free demo that is available now on Steam.

Watch the new gameplay trailer:

What’s more, the game is 15% off on Steam while still in Early Access until June 18 (5 pm CEST). 

Get the game in Early Access:

Arboria is a dark fantasy action rogue-lite game with dynamic souls-like combat where you play as a brave Yotun warrior. Mutate your body to become stronger, fight enemies, collect precious Veri for the Godz, and help expand your village. When you’re strong enough, you’ll be able to heal the Father Tree and restore the power of your tribe.

Arboria’s major game features:

  • Explore procedurally generated dungeons and a variety of other areas
  • Use a range of Symbiotic Weapons and Bio-Mutations in combat and exploration
  • Unlock new traits to power up future warriors, mutate to become stronger
  • Choose from a multitude of game-changing upgrades
  • Meet the extraordinary denizens of the Refuge
  • Face unique enemies and bosses

Everything about Arboria

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