Arboria—The Loot and Legend update has arrived.

30 Jun 2021


The tenth Early Access update has arrived to the Yotun Village—The Loot and Legend update. A set of Unique Symbionts and a new enemy have been spotted in Durnar, but the Village is growing too. You can now travel the area more conveniently with Fast Travel and attend a Bonfire Event to improve your stats and listen to stories of fallen heroes.

Watch the update trailer:

Check the full changelog below.

New Enemy: Mimic

Mimic is a dangerous, cunning enemy found in the Mutantz world. It will sometimes try to pretend it’s a Big Chest, so don’t get fooled. Even if the loot dropped by Mimic is the same as for a regular Big Chest, Mimic is definitely more vicious.

New set of Symbionts: Unique Symbionts

Feel the power of Symbionts with unique abilities. Axe, Sword, Scythe, Sabre, Hammer, and many more weapons are now better than ever. Unique Symbionts can be found as quest rewards and acquired in chest events.

New Godz Tests

Godz have prepared more tests for brave Yotunz. Will you take up the challenge in this new set of trials?

New game mechanic: Bonfire Event

When you’re in the Village, stay awhile and listen. Sit near the bonfire, pick a meal for a temporal increase in stats, and listen to Rata’s stories of fallen heroes. Who knows, maybe you’ll be in one of her stories one day too.

Major gameplay change: Elemental Overcharge

When the enemy is affected by an Elemental State, you can now deal more than one type of Elemental Damage to the opponent. Deal enough damage to cause an Elemental Explosion around the enemy.


  • Unique Symbionts – A set of really powerful Symbionts with unique abilities was added to quest rewards and chest events. The set includes Unique Variants of the following Symbionts: Axe, Sword, Scythe, Sabre, Hammer, Double Blade, Macuahuitl, Katar, Halberd, Whip, Claw-Driver, Switch Hammer, and Chaindrill. Unique Symbionts can be found as quest rewards and acquired in chest events
  • New game mechanic: Bonfire Event – Sit near the bonfire, pick a meal that will temporarily improve your stats, and listen to Rata’s Stories about previous Yotun Warriors
  • New game mechanic: Village Fast Travel – Use a new and convenient fast travel system to quickly traverse floors and regions in the Village
  • New Enemy: Mimic – The enemy can be encountered in the third world – Mutantz
  • Caster Enemies – Some of the enemies in Durnar (Breeder, Mogul, Parasyte) are now Casters that are able to heal other enemies and cast Buffs on them
  • Mutantz Rework – Rework of Mutantz Enemies that made them more responsive and dangerous 
  • Pets’ Rework – Pets’ behavior and stats were improved to make them more useful in combat 
  • Keyboard and Mouse Rebinding – Players can now change keyboard and mouse button mapping
  • New Godz Tests – A set of new Godz Tests to test skills of brave Yotunz 
  • Elemental Overcharge – Applying an elemental effect while the enemy is already afflicted with other elemental state causes an elemental explosion

Improvements and fixes:

  • Fixed the behavior of Behemoth’s laser attack
  • Improved LOD (Level of Detail) for Tzukal 
  • Refactored Mutantz merging system. Mutantz now shouldn’t refuse to merge
  • Fixed a few crashes, added individual merge cooldowns
  • Fixed Corridor quests: restored the player’s map
  • Village Bonfire: Titles should now be loaded from the correct save file
  • Added Enemy Spawners to the first biome in the Mutantz world.
  • Telekinesis will now work properly if the held enemy gets destroyed
  • Updated Player Traits
  • Replaced Spawners in the dungeon theme and Rooms
  • Hit reactions will now trigger less often (as intended)
  • Fixed a crash that occurred after using Rata’s Dark Ultimate in the Father Tree room
  • Fixed an issue with the health bar of Gobbok’s cocoon not updating after the first hit
  • Added Reptilz voice-overs and screams
  • Added sound effects to Tenigax’s intro cutscene, tweaked the balance of sound effects for Franky NPC
  • Removed Lifesteal Traits for Common and Rare Weapon Rarities
  • Fixed the Armor Points Amount for Basalt and Plague Armors
  • Changed the Corridor Root Event quest to display progress on the progress bar instead of as text
  • Thick Trickster Mutagen will now display proper bonus value in its tooltip
  • Collozeum Quest: The player won’t be transported back to the entrance of the level when the cutscene ends. The ending cutscene now has a proper background (instead of solid color)
  • Mutagen magic overload will now display how close it is to full potency
  • Added Mine Spitter sound effects, physical explosion sound effects, and explosion audio balance
  • Godz Tests will now restore starting shield value and Bongo stacks
  • The player can now pick a teleport target by interacting with a discovered Portal. Previous way of teleporting (holding the map button) still works
  • Fixed issue with skip button appearing in cutscenes
  • The player can’t stay in combat in lock rooms
  • Shield Mutation: Block Mana Cost will now properly respect the current Mana Cost modifiers
  • Shield Mutation: Added the perfect block window. Blocking an attack right before getting hit increases reflected damage. A short cooldown applies if the player doesn’t manage to trigger the perfect block
  • Dark Shield damage will now be treated as an explosion
  • Boomstick: Changed physical explosion to use proper visual effects
  • Fixed the Stroller enemy model
  • Bulktong enemy won’t leave behind persistent visual effects after dying during a Thunder Storm Attack
  • Previous runs won’t affect the count towards the Scrap Master 3000 title condition
  • Sound settings will now be applied immediately (the player won’t have to open the settings tab) 
  • Updated the UI Enhancer and fixed Mutagen background color on HUD after the Mutagen upgrades to a higher quality
  • The Veri-adding animation won’t play on the HUD if player doesn’t get any Veri
  • Added button prompts for switching weapon and skill on HUD for gamepad
  • Fixed restoring all Bongo charges in Lock Room
  • Pets will now blink properly
  • Pets will now jump towards the player in case there’s no usable path
  • Pets won’t be duplicated while moving between dungeon levels
  • Pets’ attributes (damage, health, and armor) will now scale with dungeon level
  • Pets now have armor model
  • Pets will now move away from the player if they overlap for too long
  • Pets will now rotate during attacks to better track their targets
  • Changed a few of the pets’ attacks
  • Fixed Elemental Symbionts’ VFX
  • Fixed calculation of current Veteran Trait stacks
  • Reptilz blood color changed to green
  • Updated Reptilz skin texture
  • Added Switch Hammer Transformation sounds
  • Added Loading Screen Tips for Super Essence, Lock-On, and Elemental Overcharge
  • Mutagen crystal armor will now properly update its value
  • Improved checking over current combat state of the player
  • UI Item Slot updated
  • Fixed a bug causing the player character to not stop sprinting after entering combat
  • Fixed collisions and lightning in Simulations
  • The Clone spawned by Bio Ultimate won’t attempt to attack the player
  • Fixes for some of the Trait Descriptions
  • Whip: Added an alternate camera shake on strong hits
  • The player won’t be able to spawn a Pet in the Father Tree room
  • Changed textures of starting platforms for temples
  • Decreased the chance of getting a consumable item by half after destroying a destructible environment element
  • Labyrinth Quest: A caged enemy is now immune to Telekinesis and Dark Ultimate. The enemy won’t appear on the minimap before the cutscene
  • Increased Pets’ Health Regeneration
  • Updated eye textures
  • Fixed sorting items in the inventory 
  • Updated Masks’ Balance
  • Grab attacks will now properly end and free the player if the grabbing character dies or gets destroyed while performing the grab attack
  • The player won’t leave the combat state while holding an enemy with Gobbok Grasp
  • Reptilz rage indicator is now in a more visible place
  • Updated Pet Descriptions
  • Privacy policy should appear when players start the game
  • Fixed spawning a Yotun in tutorial
  • Fixed description size on loading screens
  • Fixed issue with a wrong set of theme for prefabs in the Bugz theme (spawning Village prefabs in the Bugz theme)
  • Added hit reaction immunity to Gobbok’s Machine
  • Fixed critical points hit reaction
  • Fixed an issue with too many story bricks in last theme of the first world
  • Fixed an issue with stair railing spawning perpendicularly to other door and blocking the player (if there was a door next to another door and stairs between them)


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