Arboria—Dev Diary #8

02 Jul 2021

Greetings, Yotunz!

We’re proud to present the Loot and Legend update and we would like to talk a bit about the new features it offers. 

A set of Unique Symbionts was added to the game. Each Unique Symbiont has a special fourth Trait that makes it even more powerful. Traits such as extended reach for Sword, growing in size for Halberd, Double Blade leaving Elemental Pools, and many more are ready to be discovered. Unique Symbionts are mostly found as Quest Rewards, but sometimes they can spawn from Big Chests. Additionally, Unique Symbionts can evolve by performing specific tasks and their stats increase. That makes them much more viable as long-term equipment. 

Village now has new interactive objects, one of which is a Bonfire. You can visit the Bonfire to pick a meal that will grant you some temporary stat bonuses and to hear Rata’s stories about previous Yotun Warriors. The more Titles you obtain during your runs, the more stories Rata will have to tell. So sit down from time to time and listen. Another interactive object is the Tubes which let you quickly traverse between Village floors and access NPCs without the need to walk all the way to them. We hope that you will like this convenient addition.

A new dangerous enemy can now be found in Durnar—the Mimic. Mimics will sometimes try to hide as a Big Chest but don’t get fooled by its tricks, it is a vicious enemy that, when killed, will drop the same amount of loot as a regular Big Chest. Mimics can be mostly found in Mutantz World. 

As far as major gameplay changes, we’ve added Elemental Overcharge. When an enemy is affected by an Elemental State you are now able to deal Elemental Damage of other types than the one currently inflicted upon the enemy. When enough Elemental Damage of other types is dealt to the enemy, an Elemental Explosion will be set off around him.

As far as minor gameplay changes, we’ve added Caster abilities to some of the enemies in Durnar; now those enemies will be able to heal their companions and cast buffs on them. We’ve also slightly reworked how Mutantz behave, so they are now more stable and merge more reasonably. Pets also got a small rework to track enemies and follow the player better, and its stats will now grow when descending into the lower levels of Durnar.

Lastly, we’ve finally added the requested keyboard and mouse rebinding feature so feel free to set it up as you like. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to do the same for the gamepad so only keyboard and mouse are now rebindable. Will you use this new feature to change keybindings in Arboria? Let us know in the comments or join the discussion on our Discord. 

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