Tips for Yotunz—traverse Durnar with your eyes closed!

23 September, 2021


Don’t let bloodlust blind you in Durnar. Apart from fighting enemies you need to gather Veri and heal the Father Tree’s roots. Fear not, we won’t leave you alone with this task! Here’s a handful of tips for brave explorers.

First of all, you need to remember one crucial detail—don’t be afraid to fail. Dying is a way to improve in Arboria, so learn from your mistakes and get some crazy new traits for your next Yotun. 

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Now, let’s jump into Durnar!

Exploration tips for young Yotunz:

1. Take a moment to explore your surroundings—precious Veri crystals are hidden in various nooks and crannies. The more you get, the more satisfied the Godz will be.

2. All those abandoned chests in Durnar are tempting, but remember that enemies will spawn as soon as you open one. You’ll need to deal with them before you can grab your precious loot.

3. You’ll regenerate after healing Roots, so try to heal them even if you have only a few health points left.

4. Take note of how much Veri you have—there’s no point in collecting more than you can carry.

5. Send Veri to the Village after clearing every dungeon—you won’t have to worry about losing it when you die.

6. If you’re confident enough, heal Cursed Roots—you’ll receive more Veri than for normal ones, but the enemies are more powerful too. Each trial has a different set of modifiers that will last until you kill a specific number of enemies.

7. Read the information boards on some levels to receive Veri. It’s easy money!

8. After you unlock the Scrapping perk, every Mutation, piece of armor, or weapon you find can be changed into scrap. Scrap is handy to craft your own weapons and Mutations in the Village.

9. If you know you won’t make it to the end of a level, look for Veri Deposits. The Stranger will send Veri to the Village for you—after taking a 50% cut for himself.

10. Don’t jump straight to Durnar with your new Yotun warrior—explore the Village first and upgrade or unlock new perks with the resources you gathered before.

Are you a Yotun expert with more tips to share? Is there a challenge you can’t quite overcome? Join our Discord and let us know. Who knows, maybe your advice will save a Troll!

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