Arboria’s Launch Update is Available!

10 September, 2021


Arboria has changed once more, this time with the final major update, the Launch Update, marking the end of our Early Access journey!  We assure you, the Trollz are now more beautiful than ever. 

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We’ll continue to pamper our Trollz with future patches and bug fixes to further polish the game, so be sure to share your feedback with us on Steam or Discord!

See the new changes the Launch Update introduces below:

New game modes: New Game+ and New Game++

Accessible after finishing the game, these new modes will let you gain more insight into the story of the Yotunz. Beware, they are only for the best fighters! See for yourself what challenges wait ahead—and if you can brave them.

New NPC: Veector

Veector is a Troll Printer who has the power to resurrect the fallen Yotunz in the graveyard. How much are you willing to pay for a second chance?

New enemy class: Robots

If you manage to kill them, look out, Robots don’t die quietly and take what revenge they can with their last bit of power. Their bodies explode when killed, so make sure to keep your distance.

New Symbiont: Plasma Blade

With its edge covered in sharp Reptilz teeth, the Plasma Blade is a lethal weapon. Slash through Robots as if they were nothing more than mushy cave mushrooms.

New content: 

  • New Dungeon world: Helheim
  • New Enemy class: Robots
  • New game mechanic: Alarm system with generator-destroying events in Helheim
  • New Boss with an arena: Jormungandr
  • Outro cutscenes for the game’s ending
  • New game modes accessible after finishing the game: New Game+ and New Game++
  • Twitch integration
  • Refreshed the look of most in-game UI elements
  • New icons and replacements for some currently existing ones
  • New voice-overs for NPCs, Rata, and audio logs
  • New NPC: Veector – a Troll Printer
  • Added a room with the Mimic Event in the Bugz world
  • New dungeon rooms
  • New versions (with 2 paths) of Corridor quests
  • New sounds and music/ambient tracks
  • New tab in the inventory with Yotunz’ Titles
  • New tiers of Symbionts and Armor (Godzteel and Empyrean)
  • New Symbiont: Plasma Blade
  • New building levels for NPCs
  • New Mask in Masked Entity: Trickster
  • New tip screens and loading screens
  • New Achievements

Improvements and changes:

  • Camera will now follow a locked on target more closely
  • Added a delay before spawning damaging puddles after Bio enemy deaths—they spawn more randomly now and the player won’t receive damage immediately after killing an enemy
  • Added pop-up text displayed when enemy is immune to ragdoll attacks (e.g. Vortex and Telekinesis)
  • Duration of Armadillo’s Mod (Mutagen) can be refreshed by rolling again
  • Changed the camera’s path during the Village fly-through in the main menu
  • Improved Dungeon generation: There should now be more variety in Dungeon elements
  • Reworked visual trails for some Symbiont attacks
  • Changes to the mechanic and look of fast travel (switching between NPCs in the Village)
  • Added particle effects displayed after a perfect block
  • Added the possibility to adjust the frequency of Rata’s comments in the options menu
  • Replaced the name “Mutagen” with “Mod” to distinguish them from Mutations
  • Now item evolution hints are displayed in the descriptions of Unique Symbionts to clarify an item’s evolution mechanic
  • New Tzukal NPC upgrade: Exchanging Scrap for Veri
  • Changed the amount of items Drupa NPC will offer to sell per run to be based on a players upgrade level
  • Spell abilities used by Caster Enemies are now more noticable
  • Now a lock icon is displayed on hot bar slots if the usage of an item is temporarily blocked
  • Now the player can’t use Bongos and/or usable items in Lock Rooms between levels to prevent accidental usage
  • Added an option at the altar to switch between thresholds while giving Veri to Godz
  • Increased speed of Veri offering at the altar and buying NPCs’ upgrades
  • Added special “empty” Mods (Mutagens) that increase statistics without taking up Mutagen slots—offered to the player if all Mods with the corresponding statistic are already at their maximum tier
  • Improved Yotunz’ hair shaders
  • Now a meal from the Bonfire will be displayed in the Pause Menu
  • Added Mana Cost for skills to skill description windows
  • Changed the location of Dungeon event objects to make more space for combat
  • Whether Veri is hidden or shown on the minimap now depends on a player’s vertical location
  • Switching teleporters left/right will correspond to their position on the map
  • Reworked For Yggr Mod (Mutagen): Now it’s active for the duration of Root Events and for 60 seconds after starting a Curse
  • Added a confirmation window before leaving a Lock Room if Rata still has Veri
  • Added teleporters near starting locations for each floor
  • Renamed Bugz Summon to Bugz Roll
  • Renamed Voltron to Shocker
  • Combo Healer Mod (Mutagen): Changed required hits from 10 to 6
  • Vortex Ultimate: Black hole now has a limited capacity (count of enemies), which depends on the Ultimate’s level
  • Improved loot balance
  • Revitalizing Pain Mod (Mutagen) rework: Getting damaged now causes the player’s character to start regenerating health. The amount of regeneration is based on the damage blocked by a player’s armor. Only one regeneration instance can be active at any given time
  • Shock Elemental Chains: Initial damage is now less effective against bosses
  • Changed the Dark Effect Explosion: Now it deals a percentage of the target’s max health as damage, depending on the accumulated Dark Damage from 15% to 25% of max HP
  • Made wing particles from Furious Stance Mutation more visible
  • Changed Dark Bongo healing: A set amount of health per hit is now restored instead of lifesteal based on damage
  • The moment of completing a Symbiont evolution is now signified by sound and particle effects
  • Boon No Health in Lock Room won’t block the restoration of Bongos
  • Reduced the Ice Shield Value per Bongo Usage and reset player’s shields in Lock Rooms
  • Balanced Symbionts’, Mutations’, and Mods’ (Mutagens’) values
  • Father Tree: The player will get 10% of progress towards the next level for lifting a Curse instead of getting progress based on the collected Veri
  • Toxic Dungeon Boon will now include the current shield’s value in calculations: The more shield the player has, the more damage will be dealt
  • Mutagen Adrenaline Boost will now display actual bonus value (instead of armor percentage)
  • Ticks spawned in Godz Tests will get destroyed after failing/finishing a test—they won’t stay for subsequent test attempts
  • Mod (Mutagen) Armadillo will now display its remaining time
  • Mod (Mutagen) Dodgy Attack will now display a bonus value
  • Changed the layout of some NPC upgrade trees
  • Enemies will be immune to Telekinesis while under the effect of Vortex Ultimate
  • Pet is now dismissed before entering the Godz Test
  • Mask and Tails are now removed during Godz Tests
  • Gobbok, a boss, will now drop a battery


  • The player can now reject the Privacy Policy and still play the game 
  • Vortex Ultimate will immediately release dead enemies
  • Enemies won’t attempt to attack the player while in ragdoll state during Vortex Ultimate and Telekinesis
  • Fixed issues between Vortex Ultimate and Root/Chest Events: Using the Ultimate during the events won’t cause enemies to go missing
  • Fixed issues with Telekinesis: Enemies won’t go through walls after being thrown with the Telekinesis Mutation
  • Mana cost reduction will disappear after the Ultimate ends (Vortex Ultimate)
  • Fixed quitting the pause after remapping the Pause Game input key
  • Fixed typos and descriptions
  • Fixed an issue with a disappearing description for usable items after performing Combine
  • Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred when leaving a Godz Test
  • Mod (Mutagen) Crystal Armor now grants 1 armor per 2000 Veri instead of 1 armor per 200 Veri, as stated in the Mod’s description
  • Mod (Mutagen) Crystal Warrior can now be refreshed by shattering another crystal.
  • Fixed an issue related to dungeon generation: Elements of a previous dungeon will no longer stay in the game world and possibly block a player’s path
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the silver skin effect to not be removed when leaving a Godz Test
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect shaders assigned to the Repta King and Oooze Hoppa (Elite Creeper) enemies in some cases
  • Combining Super Essence with Unique Equipment and a pet’s horn is now blocked
  • Granted permanent immunity from ragdoll (Vortex Ultimate and Telekinesis) to ghosts from the Grave Digger Quest and to Mimic enemies. Moleshark is also now immune to ragdoll while underground
  • Enemies in ragdoll (Vortex Ultimate and Telekinesis) won’t be immune to explosions
  • Enemies in ragdoll won’t be hit by Symbionts and Mutations multiple times per attack
  • Fixed collisions and visual issues in some of the dungeon rooms and in the Village
  • Fixed fps drops during an alternative Shock Chackram attack
  • Fixed fps drops in a few of the dungeon rooms in the Reptilz world (most noticeable while breaking Veri crystals)
  • Fixed an issue with Mimic being spawned partly underground in some cases
  • Fixed an issue with the placement of Totem/traps placement—the player is now able to place traps anywhere on the ground
  • Fixed visual issues with the Stranger’s cape in the Troublesome Business Quest
  • Fixed the calculation of collected scrap used in item evolution
  • Fixed Teleport Mutation target position calculation—a player will no longer be teleported above/below a level
  • A Godz Test minimap marker won’t disappear if the test has been cancelled
  • Now a Godz Test Trollbo Charger won’t spawn if the player doesn’t have the charge attack upgrade unlocked (this Test requires charge attacks)
  • A player’s character won’t attempt to use and consume a consumable item (Totems and traps) if it can’t be used
  • Removed a red debug arrow placed in one of the Godz Tests
  • Fixed a crash caused by a pet dying while escaping
  • Fixed displaying prompts under usables slots on the HUD when using a gamepad
  • Blocked Ultimate and Bongo usage in most of the Godz Tests
  • Fixed an issue with weapon VFX: Switching from Chaindrill to other weapons won’t interfere with the new weapon’s VFX
  • Fixed an issue with wall collisions in some places: They will now block enemy projectiles
  • Improved balance between weapons’ evolution tasks
  • Killing a Trunk enemy during a merge action won’t cause another Trunk to get stuck
  • Fixed an issue with visible additional VFX on the Symbiont in cutscenes and in the Pause Menu
  • Completing a weapon’s evolution will now grant bonus Elemental damage for the weapon along with regular damage
  • Fixed a bug causing unique Shield Blade to not provide bonus armor in some cases
  • Fixed an issue with a unique weapon task (task with collecting Veri): Veri added by loading the game won’t count toward the task’s progression
  • Default armor from Spawner can now be upgraded with super essences and receive additional traits
  • Super essences now count toward Stockpiling Essences Mod (Mutagen) bonuses
  • Godz Tests will now properly change weapons and mutations in cases when the player enters a test while having alternative items equipped
  • Holding the close button when the tip screen appears won’t cause the tip screen to close immediately
  • Items dropped by destructible objects won’t be rotated in weird directions
  • The Reptilz Crypt Quest won’t spawn if there is not enough space in a dungeon for all 5 torches
  • Fixed issues with dungeon object placements—intractable/important objects won’t be spawned on each other (e.g. Quest’s Torch and Teleporter)
  • A player won’t be able to use the Teleport Mutation to access the Reptilz Crypt before completing the related quest
  • Corridor roots won’t be spawned in places where they would block other objects
  • Exhaustive Mods (Mutagens) won’t activate if a player is no longer in combat after the cooldown ends
  • Fixed lighting in some places in the Village
  • Fixed the input in the Drupa Widget after switching to the Upgrades Card and then back to the Shop Card
  • Fixed an issue with the display text of the reroll prompt button—now the proper Veri image will be shown instead of placeholder text
  • Fixed an issue with the curse task text—now it should always be displayed as long as there’s an active curse
  • Fixed an issue with cursed roots spawning without a curse ring and being displayed as healed on the minimap
  • Fixed an issue with the Unique Symbiont task display—it will now disappear after switching to another Symbiont
  • Fixed an issue with Symbiont evolutions—Symbionts won’t receive evolution progression while in an alternative slot
  • A player’s character will no longer attempt to use a Mutation (and interrupt other animations) if there’s not enough mana left to use that Mutation
  • The Pause Window will no longer open when the Building Menu is active
  • Fixed an issue with a doubled prize from the Godz Test Launcher Mania if the player completed 2 tasks (one main and one optional)
  • Fixed issues with the merging of Mutantz enemies in some casesFixed an issue with the Telekinesis Godz Test—the test will now spawn the required amount of enemies
  • Equipping new armor will now remove bonuses from the previous armor
  • Fixed collisions of the door in the last room in the Tutorial
  • Fixed most of the issues with enemy spawning position—now they shouldn’t spawn stuck in the environment
  • Going up on an elevator will no longer cause a player to get stuck on the ceiling
  • Killing an enemy with an initial hit of an alternative Mine Spitter projectile will cause the mine to explode immediately
  • Fixed an issue with closed doors in the dungeon starting room if there was a Corridor Quest on the previous floor
  • Fixed issues with the bad alignment of assets in the Temple starting room
  • Fixed an issue causing some of the loot from the Mimic enemy and curse event to be lost
  • Fixed an issue with the wrong element (not appropriate for the current floor) of spawned enemies in a few quests
  • Rata will no longer talk during loading screens
  • Players will no longer get stuck behind Godz statues in the Reptilz world or next to a dummy in the tutorial
  • A player’s character will no longer attempt to perform actions after dying (queued attacks, dodges, etc.)
  • Now interaction particles are hidden during the Bonfire cutscenes
  • Enemies in Godz Tests will no longer drop items
  • Fixed an issue with Spawner’s 3D model in the Village—it will now match Spawner’s level
  • Combining equipped armor will properly update the player’s elemental resistances
  • Changed the health bar for Gobbok’s Batteries (Strange Device) to be more consistent with the rest of game
  • A player won’t be able to use the Teleport Mutation to skip a boss start trigger (Gobbok and Repta King arenas)
  • The Teleport ability will no longer stay active forever if it was active before a cutscene started
  • Gobbok’s Batteries will now take more than 1 hit to be destroyed
  • Loot from enemies won’t be dropped twice in some cases (e.g. a battery from Elite Enemy)
  • Yotun’s corpse will no longer spawn a pet horn
  • Fixed an issue with missing Champions during the Corpse Event;
  • Fixed shaders for Reptilz enemies
  • Fixed Parasite’s tongue color (it was always red)
  • Removed unreachable Veri crystals from dungeon rooms
  • Completing the Launcher Mania Godz Test won’t cause the game to crash sometimes
  • Fixed the missing environment in the Pause Menu in Lock Rooms after bosses
  • Fixed the camera rotation in Lock Rooms in the Mutantz world
  • Telekinesis and alternative Earth Twist now only consume mana if they hit/grab a target
  • Fixed rare crashes caused by flying enemies when dying (mostly caused by the Cyfly enemy)
  • Fixed an issue with enemies without elements in one room in the Reptilz setting
  • Fixed an issue with enemy deaths being counted twice in some cases in Room Root/Chest Events
  • Lifesteal will only work with skill and weapon damage and will only count actually dealt damage (including shield clamping)
  • Fixed the switching options in crafting windows with NPCs
  • Fixed the selecting of Mods (Mutagens) in the shaft
  • Fixed issues with the crafting window
  • Fixed an issue where a player could create multiple items from scrap—now only one is available
  • Fixed issues with Pets’ walking (e.g. being stuck on stairs)
  • Fixed an issue with still targeting enemies after death in some cases
  • Fixed the voice-over for the hologram cutscene in the Lock Room before Gobbok’s arena
  • Fixed intersecting Rata’s arms with her body when she is fat
  • Fixed an issue with not adding Scrap from items when using the Replace option from the hold menu
  • Fixed the calculation of a player’s statistics after exchanging a Mutagen (Mod) in Enhancer
  • Fixed the focusing window after a crafting action
  • Fixed other known technical crashes
  • After purchasing all Masks, you can no longer pay for the next one
  • Fixed some of the names and icons in the cause of death section in the Graveyard
  • Fixed an issue with the amount of usable items after crafting something
  • All minibosses’ cutscenes are now skippable
  • Fixed an issue with a disappearing Symbiont/Mutation if a player started dodging and switching Symbiont/Mutation at the same time
  • Fixed an issue with the Second Wind Trait—it won’t trigger during Godz Tests anymore
  • Godz Test Launcher Mania—resetting the test won’t cause the immunity mechanic to break down
  • Godz Test 2 Hot 2 Touch—the Godz Test won’t fail to spawn the last wave of enemies in the Mutanz setting anymore
  • Fixed the calculation of the direction of traps placed by the player
  • Fixed the loading of upgraded items in Lock Rooms
  • Fixed an issue where saving applied Boons and curses
  • A curse ring will now appear if a curse was already in progress when a player jumped down a level or loaded the game
  • Mutagen Mana refill will check activation condition after cooldown—a player won’t have to spend Mana to trigger the Mutagen when its cooldown ends
  • Freezing newly spawned enemies will grant shield while an Ice Ultimate is active—previously only worked with enemies that had already been spawned at the moment of Ultimate’s activation
  • Fixed the Boon Toxic Dungeon not being started properly
  • Fixed a crash that would rarely happen when a player/enemies were using a flamethrower
  • Added missing 3D models for unique Symbionts


Arboria has changed greatly over the last couple of months. With all new content it feels better than ever! Keep following the game on Steam to stay up to date with the latest news.

Check the full development roadmap to see the history of updates: Arboria – Roadmap of Updates.

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