Arboria patch available!

5 October, 2021


It’s been some time since Arboria’s full release and your feedback has been amazing! We really appreciate it. We’d love hearing what you think of the game, so please leave Arboria a review if you haven’t already.

The Godz have blessed us with a new patch today that will make your experience in Durnar even better. Localization to Chinese and Polish will be available soon too so stay tuned! See the full changelog below:


  • Fixed a crash caused by using items during hit reactions: Spamming item usage while getting interrupted will no longer crash the game
  • Fixed enemy drops: Elite enemies now drop mods/armor blueprints upon death. Scavenger Mod effect modified
  • Fixed Ice Ultimate abuse: Ice Ultimate can no longer apply the slow effect multiple times on the same enemy, completely stopping them
  • Modified the calculation of bonus Veri from the Father Tree boons: The bonus will be the same as stated in the Father Tree interface
  • Fixed an issue with infinite immunity state after using the Bugz Roll Mutation
  • Fixed an issue with collisions in one of the Reptilz rooms, reducing the possibility of getting stuck
  • Increased the time of the Helheim Hacking Event and the delay between the Hacking Event reactivation
  • Fixed icons’ sizes for the cause of death in the summary window
  • Updated UI prompt textures
  • Increased the size of the box for descriptions in loading screens
  • Reduced a bonus from Exhaustive Power and Defence Mods to max 25%
  • Fixed the Father Tree’s VO after interacting with him
  • Set up correct blueprint pictures for the Plasma Blade, Chain Drill, and Switch Hammer
  • Replaced the default cause of death skull icon with a grave icon
  • Fixed the cause of death for the “Time to Die” Twitch modificator—it is now caused by Twitch
  • Fixed an issue with the order of widget layers in options
  • Fixed an issue with audio tracks for the Bugz Queen’s burrowing sequence
  • Fixed an issue with the Arrow Trap being too loud
  • Added missing sounds for Bugz Queen’s grab attack
  • Fixed an issue with a teleport particle staying on the player’s head
  • Fixed an issue with the “Press” interaction not working in some cases after grab attacks and cutscenes
  • Set the count of healed roots to 200 after killing the last boss
  • Updated the jammer effect visuals
  • Changed gusher champion sounds to change depending on their distance from a player
  • Changed the Fire Bugz Queen’s elemental pillar attack sounds to change depending on her distance from a player
  • Root Curses now require twice as many kills in the Mutantz setting to account for an increased enemy count
  • Tweaked the Toxic Dungeon curse: Changed the damage period from every 10 seconds to every 3 seconds; Toxic Dungeon damage now ignores armor and doesn’t interrupt interactions
  • Sound effects will no longer play twice during the landing cutscenes
  • Fixed an issue with Gobbok teleporting into walls
  • The player can now get the “Exceptional Underdog” achievement when they die as a Troll with a negative trait and reached the first place in the Graveyard
  • Ice Status Healing Reduction reduced from 45% to 20%
  • Added the possibility to skip the last sentence in dialogue with the Lost Healer
  • Cutscenes in the Village and of falling to the dungeons can now be skipped by just pressing the designated button instead of holding it
  • Fixed weak unique weapons in New Game++
  • Fixed bad proportions between Symbiont and armor scrap values
  • Curses are now more varied
  • Increased the price of a reroll in Spawner’s shop and added x2 for every next reroll 
  • Players will no longer get stuck in the Old Arena Quest 
  • Decreased Faminator Damage in New Game++
  • Decreased Sharquake Damage in New Game++
  • Increased the damage that Switch Hammer deals in Hammer Mode 
  • Adrenaline Boost, Giant’s Strength, and Body Hits Mods rebalanced 
  • Added missing collisions on the villagers close to the bonfire in the Village
  • Added additional Bongo Upgrades at Gromm da Stoned 
  • Fix an issue with the elements of the mushroom enviro clipping with a teleporter in the starting room in the first setting 
  • Fixed an issue with grenade puddles in the air out of the arena’s bounds in the Jormungandr arena
  • Reduced Spider Turret Damage

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