Best Switch Games for Traveling This Summer Vacation

27 May, 2021

“I’m not looking forward to summer,” said no one ever. Visiting family or friends, exploring new sites, chilling at the beach—it all puts an automatic smile on everyone’s face. The thing is, first you have to get there, and that’s not always a reason for joy. Flights are long or get cancelled, kids get rowdy in the car, long road trips can get boring fast. Let’s face it, three hours into any kind of travel and you’ll be begging for something to make the time go by faster. This is where Switch games for travel can be a real lifesaver.

Check out the best Switch games for traveling this summer to make your vacation a breeze.

6 Best Switch Games for Traveling

1) Test your friendship or family ties in Tools Up!

Tools Up! screenshost

Tools Up! is an exciting, colorful local co-op party game for up to 4 players. A low entry level makes it a great game for all ages; the best game for both parents or children to start this summer. Join a crew of renovators and race against the clock as you renovate apartments and chase delivery men. Complete tasks to unlock more challenging levels or play in the relaxing No Time Limit Mode. Either way, to complete levels, you need to get a little help from your friends so it’s a great game to spend some quality time with the fam. 

Don’t miss the recently released DLC, Tools Up! Garden Party, with lots of new leafy levels, fun mechanics, and hours of silliness!

Age rating: Everyone

2) Race through colorful tracks in Little Racer

Little Racer screenshot

This colorful, exciting racing game inspired by slot cars is the perfect Nintendo Switch game for kids who still haven’t had enough fun for the day. Race through the sky, desert, or even lava in Little Racer, and if you’ve already crossed the finish line on all 130 (!!) levels, you can create your own tracks. All those hours of racing make it one of the best Switch games for a road trip—just don’t give the driver a controller!

But Little Racer isn’t just for kids. Up to 4 drivers of all ages can compete to become the master of the track, making it exciting for little ones and a welcome stress relieving game for adults.

Age rating: Everyone

3) Conquer the skies in Red Wings: Aces of the Sky

Red Wings: Aces of the Sky screenshot

Playing a fighter pilot on a long-haul flight? Awesome! Red Wings: Aces of the Sky is an arcade action game that puts you in the middle of WWI aerial battles as you fight alongside the legendary Red Baron or take him down. Play solo or with a friend in 2-player local multiplayer mode. Different game modes offer hours of flying and fighting. Pilot 12 different warplanes, each with their own unique skins, and get the highest score.

Age rating: Everyone 10+

4) Explore a surrealist world in Metamorphosis

Metamorphosis screenshot

A weird bug in the hotel room is definitely a vacation nightmare. But now imagine you are that bug. Metamorphosis is a first person adventure inspired by Kafka’s curious imagination, where you play as Gregor who’s been turned into a tiny bug. Begin an extraordinary journey through a surrealist world to unravel the mystery of your transformation.

With simple though varied mechanics, this immersive story is perfect to pass those rainy days or long flights to the sound of the haunting, award-winning soundtrack by Garry Schyman and Mikołaj Stroiński.

Age rating: Teen

5) Train cute zombie minions in Deadlings

Deadlings screenshot

Death has nobody to hang out with, so he begins “Project Deadlings”—training a massive army of zombie minions…err, friends. Lend Death a helping hand in training the deadly cute zombie horde in a laboratory filled with traps and puzzles. Each Deadling has its own unique abilities and they’ll need to work together to find their way through the levels without, well, dying…again. With over 100 levels, you’re in for hours of horribly cute fun. Kill your boredom with Deadlings and help Death kill his own boredom at the same time.

Age rating: Teen

6) Visit a cyberpunk city in Ghostrunner

This Nintendo Switch game puts a whole new twist on sightseeing. Ghostrunner offers a unique single-player experience: fast-paced, violent combat, and an original setting that blends post-apocalyptic themes with science fiction. Sprint through Dharma Tower, a cyberpunk mega-structure and humanity’s last shelter after a world-ending cataclysm, to confront the tyrannical Keymaster and get your revenge. 

Though it might sound easy, Ghostrunner’s one-hit mechanic will guarantee you hours of engaging gameplay.  It’s a great Nintendo Switch game for mature players looking for a challenge themselves and a way to blow off some steam.

Age rating: Mature 17+

From children to teens to adults, all these Switch games are great for travelling, so which of them are you taking on vacation? If you’ve already played some of our Switch games for travel, share your impressions on our Discord! Follow us on social media to stay up to date and keep an eye on our upcoming Nintendo Switch titles: 

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  • Lumberhill –  A crazy multiplayer party game where lumberjacks try to get their tasks done while nature fights them every step of the way.

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