Ghostrunner—Hardcore Mode & Winter Pack Available Now!

18 December, 2020


Winter is coming to Dharma Tower. Get ready to enjoy the new Hardcore game mode available for everyone as part of a free update. Fancy a stylish icy look? Grab the Ghostrunner Winter Pack DLC now for just $1.99 / €1.99! Read on to find out more details.

Available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One! If you haven’t already picked up Ghostrunner, you can get up to  25% off various platforms for a limited time only.

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Hardcore Mode

Start the game again… but with all the upgrades you’ve received so far! How hard can it be if you’ve already mastered the game and defeated the final boss? There’s only one way to find out—dive into a whole new experience.

You’re alive… But not for long.

Deal with enemies coming at you from unexpected places through levels modified to be more challenging. Prepare to face all enemy types right from the start and devise a new, better strategy. Will you be faster than the first time? We doubt it. Prove us wrong.

Run in style

No one said you can’t save humanity while looking great! Bundle up with the new Ghostrunner Winter Pack DLC and show off the Cold Snap Katana and Cold Blood Glove as you run through the levels of Dharma Tower. It’s time to bring instant death and suffering in style!

Get the Ghostrunner Winter Pack DLC:

Upcoming content

The new Hardcore Mode and Winter Pack are just a few of many new features we’ve got planned for you. Follow Ghostrunner’s official channels to be the first to learn about the next thrilling, upcoming DLC packs.

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