Get your butt kicked by nature in online/local co-op and PvP or play solo

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A Job with LOTS of Safety Hazards

Sharpen your axe and iron your flannel! Call up your team and use your best teamwork skills to face whatever nature throws at you. Chase animals back into pens, chop wood, race against time, and don’t get lost in the chaos.

Lumberjacks Versus Chaos

You’ve got dinosaurs, meteors, and pirates determined to stop you. That wasn’t mentioned in the job description! You’ll need to use unconventional methods and work together as a team to make it through levels as you race against the clock. Better be prepared for anything!

Around the World and Through Time

No matter when and where—a tree means work for a lumberjack. Hop on an incredible ride through the most surprising parts of the world and time periods! Explore new settings with unique mechanics, events, and animals—rude and cute, big and small, sweet and dangerous. As you progress, you’ll unlock lots of chaotic fun with new skins perfect for crazy screenshots.

Multiplayer Modes for Everyone

It doesn’t matter if you’re on the same sofa or worlds apart, Lumberhill supports both local and online co-op! Join axes and get to work together, or switch to PvP to chase your friends across the map or off it and keep them from filling orders as a furious hog. You can also chill out on a solitary journey in solo mode to see what you can accomplish alone.

Key features:

  • Play up to 3 additional friends in local or online co-op or PvP, or play alone in solo mode
  • Complete tasks in a wide range of challenging and time-limited levels
  • Survive chaotic random events such as wildfires, pirate attacks, and meteor showers
  • Unlock new thrilling worlds and skins as you progress
  • Throw pandas around and evade dinosaurs
  • Kick your friends off the map! Oh wait…

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Lumberhill is a hilariously chaotic multiplayer party game in which lumberjacks try to get their job done while nature relentlessly fights back. Battle wildfires, fulfill tasks, and clash with pirates and extremely annoying monkeys as you race against the clock. Travel around the world and through time in co-op, PvP, or solo mode!