Take a peek inside the design of Metamorphosis

24 Jul 2020

Hello, players!

As the release of Metamorphosis approaches (more news coming really soon), we’d like to take a deep dive into the game’s design. We’ll focus on the gameplay mechanics governing the curious game world, its surrealist lore, and we’ll share new concept art, setting the mood for the real thing.

Here we go!

The Game

Metamorphosis is a first person adventure game set in a surreal world where your newfound abilities are your last and only hope for redemption. It’s a unique adventure, an intriguing challenge, and a captivating story with a mystery to solve, all inspired by Kafka’s curious imagination.

The game will provide an engaging and meaningful experience for players of all ages. Do you like adventure games or environmental puzzles? Are you looking for a narrative-driven game with a challenge? Are you a casual gamer hungry for an interesting story? It’s all here!

Corridor picture – concept art

You play as Gregor, turned into a tiny bug, and set out on an extraordinary journey to unravel the mystery of your transformation. At the same time you must save your best friend Joseph, arrested for reasons unknown. Gather clues by observing your surroundings, reading letters, interacting with other bugs, and listening to dialogue.

Gameplay and Mechanics

There are two main gameplay elements: solving environmental puzzles and platforming. Each area contains at least one unique puzzle you need to solve by observing your surroundings, finding paths through obstacles, and interacting with objects.

Exploration / Observation is a “how to get from point A to point B” type of puzzle, often through vertically designed levels. It’s best to explore and observe the area first, deciding which way to go and becoming familiar with obstacles, such as moving objects.

The Stealth / Avoiding Danger mechanic will have you plan a route to cross dangerous or exposed areas. The game visually indicates when you’re in danger.

It’s no surprise that you can also jump and climb. Gregor can automatically climb or walk on any surface that’s not vertical (< 89°), and jumping is used for platforming and/or getting around obstacles, pathfinding, and reaching hard-to-get-to areas. Have fun doing parkour.

And then there are Liquids—by walking through them, or storing and then using them, you can climb vertical walls or obstacles and walk over slippery surfaces. This Liquid sticks to objects and creates new paths for Gregor to traverse. When switching between >90° angled surfaces, the camera shifts, making the new surface the new “ground”. You can only carry a limited supply of Liquid, so plan your route well.

The Push / Interact mechanic allows you to push objects and interact with puzzles, use buttons or levers, etc. Use this power wisely.

The World

There are three types of environments in Metamorphosis.

The real world, though familiar, gains new perspective with the miniaturization of the main character. Play areas include the inside of a gramophone, among the clutter of a desk, inside cabinets and drawers, etc. Well-known objects tower above you, inviting you to explore nooks and crannies in different places of the game.

The bug world lies hidden in the spaces behind walls, under the floor, or inside desks, where common sense and rules of the human world do not fully apply. As you make your way through passages leading to strange places, floating lands, and surrealist landscapes, you may meet other bugs, both friendly and dangerous.

The world of Metamorphosis is filled with abstract spaces.Walk into a letter or explore a self-sorting cabinet—what other wonders will you discover?

That’s it for now. We hope we managed to pique your interest. If you’re left wanting more, check out our social media channels.

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