Experience this challenging fantasy turn-based tactics game. Lead a party of heroes through procedurally generated maps and face the looming threat of permadeath at any moment.

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A fully interactive environment is at your disposal.

Use your surroundings for cover and weapons to outsmart enemies and emerge victorious from dangerous adventures.

Every crate and every tree is a potential weapon in Fort Triumph.

Freeze, burn, kick or topple at the right moment to destroy your enemies.

The gameplay is challenging and requires strategic planning. Each hero has a different set of abilities, so develop your characters wisely to find the perfect balance and bring out their full potential.

Win diverse missions in tiled procedural maps.


No two adventures will be the same.

Choose between four factions, build your base, recruit heroes and units on a strategic world map.

Explore the map to find resources, artifacts and fight rival AI enemies. Flexible world maps are procedurally generated, full of different events and locations.

Each battle is unique and requires a new plan as tactical missions are randomly created as well.

The original music in the game was created by Marco Valerio Antonini, Italian film music composer and orchestrator.

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