Lunar New Year – Newsletter Contest

04 Feb 2020

UPDATE: The results are here!

Big thanks to everyone for participating! 😍

We did go both awww and LOL, so we’d say that everybody wins! We have only 10 codes to give away this time, but fear not, there will definitely be more contests in the future!

Here are the winning entries (random order):

  • The Adventurer’s Guild (full story below)
  • Well, considering that Tools Up! has destroyed all my friendships that I built for years, and therefore, I don’t have any friends to play with anymore, I’m picking a single player game for the contest.It was very hard to pick between a shooter featuring weaponized toilet plunger and a game that includes XCOM as a direct inspiration. Considering the amount of hours I spent in XCOM I think I’ll go with Fort Triumph. But don’t be fooled! Those Space Cows tempted me for hours. Maybe years, in my dreams, where all the cows are happy corrupted.
  • I want Tools Up for Switch because of nostalgia. When I didnt have a job, I used to help my dad work in Germany, painting walls and stuff. I miss that very much. I rent a flat now so cant paint walls here. So I’d really like to paint a wall at least in a game, with my friends. Please give me the game :S
  • I’d love to win Fort Triumph, as the game brings back some old memories playing HoMM on LAN parties at my best friend’s house. We could sit for hours instead of going to school. Now I hope to do the same, but skip work instead of school 😀
  • I would love to win Tools Up! on Steam so me, my wife and daughter could play it together! It’s a game we’ve been wanting to play a while and my daughter doesn’t even usually like those kind of games!
  • Fort Triumph (PC) because I’m such a loser irl that I’d like to win some fictional fights at least. Also, the game looks kinda Pratchett-like and he’s my hero.
  • I’d love to get my hands on Tools Up (Steam version) to play it with my wife. The reason behind this is that she always claims she wants quite a few home reformation, so I just hope she’s willing to get her hands dirty for that! Well, a poor joke, but thank for the chance anyway!
  • Now that I’m a big fan of All in! Games, I would love to try out Fort Triumph on Steam because, well, magic, fantasy, strategy, and town-building!
  • I’d like to play Tools Up! on PC the most. Firstly I don’t have any consoles. Secondly there’s a person I like and Tools Up! seems like a great way to see if we can communicate and think alike and if we’re gonna kill each other in the future. Haha hopefully it’ll work well. Wish me luck, newsletter stranger!
  • I’d like the most to play is Tools Up! for the Nintendo Switch because I got one for Christmas and only Mario Kart 8 with it. The game is fun but after a while I’d like to play something else and exciting with my sister. This seems like a great co-op game and very much perfect for us to enjoy on the big screen or while travelling across the country. I’ve played Overcooked on my laptop with her and we had a great time. Maybe it’s time to tools up and get a bunch of fun hours of gameplay together by creating some amazing family memories!

Congrats to the winners and stay tuned for more events.


The Adventurer’s Guild (contest entry)

                Russel pocketed the keys of his BMW and holstered his Desert Eagle. With a firm push he threw wide the doors of the Adventurer’s Guild Hall and stepped inside.

                The walls were adorned with all manner of trophies and memorabilia from the guild’s previous quests: the eye of a Category G Akrid was mounted between Skagzilla’s head and a defunct Ghost. A whiteboard displaying flowchart of the Santa Blanca Cartel with each member’s name individually crossed out hung opposite a blueprint of the Golden Grin Casino. And between it all, at a table crafted by the esteemed Smithy of Astera, sat the guild’s other members: Garrett, Andrew, and Toast.

                “Damn it Russel,” growled Garrett, “you’ve tracked in zombie guts again!” Russel looked down to find semi-coagulated blood dripping from the bottom of his boot. He sighed, realizing he’d have to clean it off the pedals of his car as well.

                Garrett was the guild’s prickly de facto leader…meaning in this case he maintained the guild hall and the archives detailing their past exploits. A tactician as well as an adventurer, he’d rallied armies across many worlds, and platformed through even more in his quest to witness and catalogue as much as the universe could provide him.

                “Methinks you were not golfing after all,” Andrew said to Russel through a mouthful of smoked meat. Before joining the guild, Andrew had spent many years exploring the lands of Azeroth and Tamriel. His skills in combat were exceeded only by his cooking prowess, and his gauntlets nearly always duel-wielded a Mythic weapon and a malt beverage.

                “Twas golfing truly,” Russel replied, “but with merely a rage quit of my opponent, I was off to the Killing Floor.” Russel was an avid sportsman, with golf and racing his two favorite pastimes. But if a gunfight was brewing, a fruit-flavored fog would enter the battlefield. And out from that cloud he would step, armed and ready to take down any man, beast, robot, or undead that stood against him.

                “You went zombie hunting and failed to invite me?” Toast said, “I could have serenaded you with anthems of your victory!” An esteemed minstrel, Toast had seemingly devoted his existence to two causes: the furthering of his musical knowledge, and trolling everyone around him. From obnoxious gestures towards Killers in The Fog, to trapping fellow Rainbow soldiers in corners with riot shields, his tomfoolery knew no bounds. Even fellow guild members were often subject to his mischief, punctuated by his catchphrase “Siv ha!”

                Ignoring Toast’s comment, Russel sat down at the table as Garrett begrudgingly grabbed a mop to cleanse his teammate’s bloody mess. With a chime, Russel’s phone announced a message from his dating app of choice. Russel took out his phone and typed a hasty response.

“How goeth your Kindling, friend Russel?” inquired Toast.

                “Tis Tinder, fool,” Russ replied, “and the maidens are fetching as always.”

                Toast smiled devilishly. “Yet it seems they are not fetching you! Siv ha!”

                Russ glared at him. “Verily: holdeth mine nuts, Toast.”

                Andrew brought his mug of DirtWolf down hard on the table in front of him, to regather the attention of the group. “Now then,” he said, “Garrett, what have you found for us at the Station quest board?”

                Garrett put down the mop and withdrew a scroll from his jacket pocket. “I transcribed several options from the board…” he began, “‘Become a Freelancer at Fort Tarsis, and pilot your Javelin to protect the nation of Bastion!’”

                “Protect another nation?” Russ rolled his eyes, “We’ve already saved New York, Washington…in fact we saved the whole planet from the Ravagers! Let Bastion defend itself.”

                Garrett shrugged. “Fair enough. ‘Work together as Lovers in a spaceship-’”

                “Hold there, friend,” Andrew interrupted, “I already have a lover, and even if I were to leave her, it surely would not be for any of you.”

                “Roasted!” Toast replied, “siv ha!”

                Russ threw his arms in the air. “Twas not even your burn, Toast!”

                “Burnt Toast…” Garrett chuckled. For as irritable as he could be, Garrett always enjoyed a bit of wordplay. “Ahem…‘Mine and craft your way to The End-’”

                Russ held up a hand. “Declined.”

                “‘Drop in and outlast 25 other squads-’”

                Toast shook his head. “Not interested.”

                Garrett groaned. “Isn’t there some quest we can all agree on?” The guild members looked around at each other.

                “Nothing too lengthy,” Andrew said, “between my day job and my lady, my free time is infinitesimal these days.”

                “And nothing exceptionally challenging,” Russ added, “I simply don’t have the energy come evening anymore.”

                “And nothing involving princesses!” Toast shouted, “because the last time we crashed a castle, you all got genuine princesses and I got a clown in a veil!”

                “Siv ha?” Garrett replied, raising an eyebrow.

                Toast leered at him. “Blasphemer.”

                “Perchance might there be something like the time we all worked as cooks?” Andrew asked, “Twas great simple fun, if a tad haphazard.”

                “Ah of course!” Toast recalled, “the time when I buried Russ in heads of lettuce!”

                “Were my cleaver not enchanted to be harmless to flesh, I’d have surely butchered you,” Russ fired back, “yes, I should like another chance at that as well…”

                Garrett checked his scroll. “There is one quest…‘Renovate houses as a team. Paint walls, tear off wallpaper, and move couches against the clock.’”

                “I love HGTV!” Drew exclaimed, “sounds like a grand time!” The others agreed heartily.

                “Then it’s settled: we shall undertake this quest, ‘Tools Up!’” Garrett closed his scroll. “But before we do, let us formally close this meeting with the guild credo.”

 The group bowed their heads and spoke the traditional words in unison…

“To win, or blame lag for all of our losses,

To slay and then teabag all high-level bosses,

To always backup and support one another,

Unless friendly fire lets us troll each other.”

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e) Fort Triumph – Steam key
f) Space Company Simulator – Steam key
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