Let this cheesy twin-stick shooter with little gravity and a lot of action sweep you off your hooves!

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Shoot, dash and wobble in slow motion!

Your quiet and happy life with Betsy comes to an end when an evil corporation sets their sights on her.

But you are not called Best Regards for nothing!

Grab a weaponized plunger (what, you never used one before?), get inside a mootant-infested space station and use literally naked force to save your precious cow!

Engage in crazy combat to whack 2165 mootans, all without the assistance of unnecessary things like clothes.

Fart away from harm, unleash rage to obliterate enemies and mess with time in slow moo-tion.

Make the foes cower in fear before the power of your plunger! Moo-ha-ha!

Fight widely and fart wisely, as physics-infused swarm patterns require spontaneous approaches and sharp reflexes.

Milk your way through various minigames because we’ve heard you like minigames so we put minigames in our game so you can play minigames while playing Space Cows.

Win them to save cows and leave no milk bubbles behind—milk is life! Plunge forward to be re-moo-nited with Betsy forever! Don’t let anything stop you and don’t keep her waiting!

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