Space Company Simulator is the ultimate management sim for space enthusiasts. Research new technologies, launch spaceships and become a major player on the market! The race for the stars begins on Earth.

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Take on the challenges of the space transport industry and strategize your way to the top.

Find a formula for success that suits you best in Space Company Simulator!

Hire a world-class team of experts or train loyal workers, take on new contracts to obtain funds for the development of your company and choose a business plan that will let you grow.

It’s not as easy as it sounds!

Develop various company departments, such as Science, Production or PR, choose one to focus on and take every chance to profit. Unlock perks to help you on the way.

Feel the thrill of your first launch!

Design and build spaceships that will take humanity to the stars.

Gather the necessary funding to launch rockets, satellites, orbital stations and more!

Remember to test the components first to ensure the success of your mission.

Get new, better elements and create the best rocket you can.

Space Company Simulator realistically reflects multiple aspects of the space industry. Created by space geeks, for space geeks.

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