A crazy friendship (and teamwork) tester

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Renovate like there’s no tomorrow!

Who’s in charge of getting the job done? You are! Careful, though—sometimes there’s more chaos than actual work. 

Create a team of up to four players, read blueprints, and devise a plan to get everything done before time runs out. Paint walls and move furniture against the clock.

Will you work together or will you get in each other’s way? Will you succeed? And will you clean up that paint before we all slip and fall in it?

Find the answers in Tools Up!.

Better together

Simple controls make Tools Up! a game for everyone. Gather your crew of up to 4 players in local multiplayer—details are important even when you can’t stop laughing, so follow the plans and unlock new levels with even greater challenges (and hey, clean up after yourselves!).

When an ice storm is raging outside and lava is surrounding the apartment, you can be sure that it will be the craziest home improvement job you’ll ever do. Tasks are straightforward and may seem easy, but the laughs and the shouting start long before the time ticks away!

Grab the blueprints, get to work, and pick your Tools Up!.

Take a party to the garden

We’re moving outside in the Tools Up! Garden Party DLC, but it doesn’t mean less work—plant trees, water flowers, cut the grass, and much more.

Put a treehouse in order in Episode 1: The Tree House and create the best lawn ever while a bandit Racoon steals your tools.

Get your sunscreen ready for hot new levels as you welcome summer with Episode 2: Tunnel Vision.

Put on a sweater for Episode 3: Home Sweet Home to stay warm while you harvest vegetables and rake autumn leaves. Get gardening!

Buy Tools Up!

Put down a carpet, paint some walls, move some furniture—simple, right?  Well, it’s definitely never been so much fun! Enter the world of Tools Up!—an exciting couch co-op, full of painters, builders, and delivery men.


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