26 May 2021

Alaloth—Ways of Power: The Way of Arms

With strength of arm you will be able to vanquish any foe that comes your way, whether by sword or axe, with a shield or a polearm—nothing can stand in your way. Today we’ll take a deeper look into the Way of Arms, one of the three Ways of Power you’ll be able to choose from.

19 Apr 2021

Alaloth—Development Update #7

Take a peek into the sound design and music creation of the soundtrack of Alaloth in today’s Development Update.

31 Mar 2021

Alaloth—Estilress the Mad

To defeat Alaloth you’ll need to align yourself with other heroes, Companions, who will accompany you on your quest. Today, learn more about Estilress the Mad, a wise dwarven traveler, in today’s special Companion update.

12 Mar 2021

Alaloth—Development Update #6

The world dressing of a game is an important aspect of development that determines what the world of a game will look like. Read about the process of populating Plamen from the world of Alaloth: Champions of the Four Kingdoms in the latest Development Update.