Arboria: Who are the Trollz?

06 Feb 2020

Yggr bore fruits—our tribe of great Trollz.

Yggr bears Trollz as mature adults, ready to function in society and take on their roles. When one of the Trollz dies, he is immediately replaced by a new one. Yggr always keeps a few embryos with a different set of genes. When a Troll is needed, a suitable embryo instantly becomes an adult specimen and is released.  


Yggr by default keeps the population around 10-20 specimens. When one of the Trollz dies, Yotunz immediately grows a new bud, from which an adult Troll is born.  Each specimen has a suitable set of genes—they determine his character, social function and appearance. Yggr always has a few embryos in reserve, ready to release them if necessary.


A Yotun’s lifespan depends on his combat and survival skills. Endurance and regeneration skills of Yotunz would allow them to live as long as 50 human years. It’s amazing if we take into account the planet’s environment and life conditions. 

Yotunz grow old slowly but natural death is rare among them. Most Yotun warriors die in combat and while mining Veri in Durnar. Some don’t even reach their first birthday. On the other hand, the Yotunz who stay in the village to grow Symbionts or mushrooms live much longer than those who descend into Durnar.

Collective consciousness

Collective consciousness is an important characteristic of the tribe. Yggr remembers the lives of all the Trollz he bore and transfers those memories to the newly born ones. That’s why Trollz have such a strong bond with each other. Yotunz, the warriors, remember the deeds of their predecessors and learn from them.

However, the older the deeds, the less clear the memories are. Trollz pass down the stories of their ancestors to ensure that the brave warriors will live forever in the memory of the tribe.

BONUS: Trivia

In Norse mythology, Jötun is a race of giants from Jötunheim. They were older than gods and hostile to them. It was believed that a final battle between gods and giants would begin Ragnarök.

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