Arboria: Mutations and Symbionts

19 Mar 2020

Greetingz, Tribe!

Did you know that unlike people, the Trollz are born as adult specimens?

The ultimate goal of each Yotun is to defeat Jormund, the great serpent. To achieve this, Yotunz descend underground, kill monsters who harm Yggr, heal the Father Tree’s roots and mine veri to please the gods and improve Yggr.

Ready to start the adventure?

Since defeating Jormund and mining veri are matters of survival, Yotunz have genetically adapted to fulfill those functions as effectively as possible. Their right arms are adjusted to fuse with Symbionts, while their left arms can mutate.


Symbionts are used to fight. A Yotun fuses with them to gain a weapon which will prepare him for Durnar. New Symbionts can be found underground and, with time, Yotunz learn to produce their own. They influence the gameplay as each weapon type comes with a different fighting style. Here are some examples of Symbionts that appear early in the game:

  • Yotunz Scythe – this sharp blade will cut through enemies with quick and precise attacks
  • Yotunz Axe – enemies will fall like leaves under this weapon’s deadly, efficient blows
  • Yotunz Sword – perfect for fighting groups of enemies, its attacks are powerful and wide, unstoppable as nature itself

The deeper you descend, the more powerful weapons you’ll find. If you’re lucky, you can find one enhanced with the power of one of three elements: fire, ice, or bio.

Rock paper scissors, elemental edition.
Your weapon is an extension of your hand, literally.
Slice and ice.


Every Yotun learns how to mutate his left arm. Mutations are meant to help the Yotun in combat. On the top of that, Yotunz can absorb essence, which charges the mutations. This comes in handy when they face more and more dangerous monsters. Yotunz can find various Mutations in the dungeons of Durnar, such as:

  • Shockwave Mutation – enhances the sheer power of Yotunz left arms and is used to create powerful explosions at the point of impact
  • Shield Mutation – protects Yotunz from the dangers of the Durnar
  • Teleport Mutation – allows Yotunz to disappear and reappear in a different place by shifting their mass into a form of a goo

Mutation abilities come with Basic and Alternative versions. Performing them costs mana. Mana regenerates over time, but the smartest Yotunz preserve it for the toughest fights.

Coming back ‘on the shield’ was never an option.
Nothing will stand in my way to the sweet sweet loot.
Your enemies are: monsters… and headaches.

Now that you know some basic weapons of the tribe, which one will you choose to fight?

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