The Ghostrunner demo was a slashing success!

27 May 2020

Here’s a summary of the action.

Thanks to everyone who played the Ghostrunner demo! The attention it received exceeded our wildest expectations. Your skills were awesome and your feedback has been even better! We hope the pain of dying so many times is mostly gone by now…

Here’s to all of you, Ghostrunners!

Ghostrunner in numbers

We recorded some mind-blowing stats from the demo. 

Over 100,000 players became Ghostrunners! There were over 6,000,000 deaths in total and one brave runner died over 1,000 times during one run! We have a lot of respect for this mysterious person and their determination.

We even heard a rumor that by the third day, somebody had already played the game for 30 hours. That’s awesome! Does your boss know?

Congratulations to bryonato, BloodShot9001, and BladeLMAO, who had the top 3 times in the world! The fastest run was done by bryonato—2m 32s 990ms. By the 13th of May he’d spent 58 hours in the demo! You can see all the scores here

Ghostrunner in…memes?!

The content you created is absolutely stunning. We’re thrilled to have such wonderful fans. Here’s just a small fraction of all of your great  content we found online.

By MageyMage:

We all love you, Twitter guy.

By @wraithsonq:

By SpookyZoomer:

Keep those sweet memes and gifs coming…or running!

See more memes here.


The media was buzzing about the demo too. Here are some major mentions:

The Ghostrunner demo is quick but well worth your time
I can’t remember the last time a demo sold me so quickly on a game.
– Destructoid

Mirror’s Edge meets Dishonored in this time-limited demo for Ghostrunner
The demo is brief but nicely polished, and does a nice job of introducing the movement and combat systems. I found it incredibly frustrating in spots, because it’s so completely committed to the concept of “move or die,” but my temper cooled as I got better at chaining movements fluidly and dashing side-to-side instead of straight ahead (typically head-on into a bullet) and I was eventually able to hack-and-slash my way to the end without smashing my keyboard to pieces.
– PC Gamer

The Ghostrunner demo is beautiful – and ray tracing adds to the spectacle
Overall, this demo is really impressive – the game is shaping up beautifully from a visual perspective, I’m really liking the gameplay mechanics and while its various inspirations are self-evident, Ghostrunner still feels fresh and different. It’s impressive stuff, and I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on final code.
– Eurogamer

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