Ghostrunner Roundup

29 Jun 2020

Ghostrunner has been seeing a lot of action recently! An all-new gameplay trailer premiered at the Future Games Show and even more was shared by some big names in the industry. The best part of it all is that we get to share the resulting community comments and content with you.

Brand new footage

Have you seen the gameplay trailer that premiered at the Future Games Show yet? If not, prepare for some jaw-dropping new footage. Enjoy more Ghostrunner content—new enemies, skills, and locations!

Hyped for more? Here’s a video with 16 minutes of gameplay from IGN, which starts right where the demo ended! More elements of the story come to light and you can see how the hero faces new challenges.

And don’t miss this exclusive developer walkthrough from GameSpot, revealing the mysterious cyberspace where you’ll fight in addition to the real world and other features as narrated by Radek Ratusznik, the Game Director of Ghostrunner.

Now for the demo death count!

We know you’ve all been waiting for it. After all, what’s a Ghostrunner roundup without some numbers? Here we go!

In general, you all collectively died almost 5,000,000 times over the course of what amounts to two whole years of gameplay! That’s right—together, you all spent two years running and completed 110,000 missions. A big shoutout to those who managed to not die even once! 2,015 runs were deathless. You’re amazing!

But that’s not all! If you’ve been following the Ghostrunning community, you might have already heard that the Ghostrunner Demo speedrun World Record has been broken. We raise our swords in salute to Free1Taps who managed to beat it in 2m29s (Time with loads)! 

Check out the entire leaderboard here. For more thrilling stories of split-second runs, join the official Ghostrunning and Ghostrunner Discord servers.

Community Appreciation

As promised, we would like to showcase a handful of community comments about Ghostrunner. There were so many that we might consider making sharing them a regular thing. Keep those messages and memes coming!

― probablyToph (they/them)
― mattiaruba

“It’s rare to see a game that makes 10 minutes feel like 1 minute. Now that’s just excellent game design.”
― Anthony Carbajal

“My god this is incredible. When does the full thing come out lol. I need it now. TAKE MY MONEY.”
― Zeke Mizner

“You ever see a game and think “the speedruns of this are gonna be insane”, well this is one of those games.”
― Mark Meyers

“That soundtrack is my selling point.”
― Ahad Afzal

“Just played the demo and wow the gameplay is fast and fluid! At first I was dizzy but then I got into the rhythm and MAN this game legit makes you feel like a badass. Can’t wait for the full release.”
― 90’s anime is the best

“Mum walks into my messy room
Mum: Why can’t this place be normal?Me: Oh. It is perfectly normal. It’s you that has become…Incompatible…”
― john tanker

“You had me at “first person katana zero.”
― Frydaddy 15

“I need the soundtrack to this!”
― CrazyMonkey VK

[Speaking of the soundtrack, here’s the first track – Daniel Deluxe – Inflitrator! You’re welcome – Ghostrunner Team]

It’s amazing how quickly the community grows! We’re seeing new groups pop up all over cyberspace, like the new community-driven r/Ghostrunner subreddit. Visit it if you want to participate in community discussions about Ghostrunner: https://www.reddit.com/r/GhostRunner/

Final treat

Lastly, we’d like to invite you to follow One More Level’s Instagram account for some exclusive, behind-the-scenes content, like this latest concept art:

That’s it for this Ghostrunner Roundup! See you next time and stay connected: