Arboria—Take the Tainted Throne

19 Nov 2020


A brand new update is here! Will you conquer the Tainted Throne with your new Mutation and Symbiont? It’s time to find out. Only the strongest will open the gates to the new world!

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New Mutation: Earthtwist

If you’re tired of enemies coming your way, impale them with a new mutation. Earthwist makes spikes grow from the ground in front of Yotun, stopping opponents for a short while. The mutation is available in 6 element variations. That’s not a spike they can easily pull out of their…entrails.

New Symbiont: Whip

Whips may be slow, but they have a wide range of attack. Swing yours at close enemies to give them a taste of what will come if they stand in your way. The last taste of their lives.

This Reptilz had really loooong entrails
– Tadd da Bat

New NPC: Tenigax

Tenigax is a reptile and a Tail vendor. Why not use your enemies’ solutions if it can make you stronger? Pay Tenigax enough Veri to enjoy your new Tail and passive bonuses.

Tails for purchase

  • Fire Tail –  When you have the Tail, you get +10% Symbiont Damage. After you lose your Tail, you get -10% Symbiont Damage and +10% Elemental Resistance.
  • Ice Tail – When you have the Tail, you get +10% Armor. After you lose your Tail, you get -10% Armor and +10% Mutation Damage.
  • Shock Tail – When you have the Tail, you get +7 Impact. After you lose your Tail, you get -7 Impact and +10% Movement Speed.
  • Bio Tail – When you have the Tail, you get +10% Max Health. After you lose your Tail, you get -10% Max Health and +7 Stability.
  • Dark Tail – When you have the Tail, you get +10% Elemental Damage. After you lose your Tail, you get -10% Elemental Damage and -10% Mana Consumption.

New NPC: Merchant

The Merchant offers Equipment in exchange for Veri. He resides in Durnar, so if you forgot to get something in the Village, you can now worry about it a little bit less.

New Boss: Reptilz King

Watch out for the Reptilz King’s claws. They are sharp, strong, and deliver a life-threatening special attack. Better stay out of their range while you whip and Earthwist the boss away.

New mechanic: Mutagens

You can enhance your Yotun with Mutagens in the Lock Rooms between levels. There are three categories of Mutagens—Toughness, Strength, and Focus. The bonuses each Mutagen grants to your Yotun are chosen from a randomly generated set, different for each run.

New Enemy: Trunk

Headless Trunks may be small, but they are fierce and can be deadly. Deal with them quickly.

New Enemy: Cyfly

Cyflies are more annoying than flies. This creepy combination of Yotunz organic matter and leftover scrap found in Durnar may haunt you in your dreams even after its death.

New Enemy: Ribjaw

Do Ribjaws have brains? It remains unclear, since nobody’s willing to stick their head into their jaws to check. They certainly do have quite long and strong arms, two pairs of them, which should be avoided.


  • Mutagens (new mechanic): Mutagens are a set of modifiers that alter a variety of gameplay mechanics. Obtained from the Enhancing Machine in the Lock Area
  • New Mutation: Earthtwist
  • New Symbiont: Whip
  • New Symbiont & Armor Tier: Basalt
  • New NPCs: Tenigax and Merchant
  • New Boss: Reptilz King
  • New biome: World 3 (unlocked after defeating the Boss)
  • New Dungeon levels
  • New Plague enemies: Trunk, Cyfly, Ribjaw
  • Third level of the Village
  • Merchant – special NPC found in Durnar that offers Equipment in exchange for Veri
  • Cumulative Impact System Rework
  • Implemented all Elite Enemies’ arena introduction cutscenes
  • Added trait sets for Rare and Legendary Armors
  • Added tutorial tips screens for Mutagens and Portals
  • Added Diary Notes to complete World 1 Collectibles
  • Added Diary Notes for World 2 and World 3
  • Increased radius of Totem
  • Increased duration of Drooch
  • Increased setup for Drupa Snoopa upgrades
  • Fixed an issue with dark enemies suicide attack animation interrupting when their health reached 0
  • Improved enemies behavior during ragdoll by limiting max ragdoll pose time after ragdoll disable has been requested
  • Fixed issue with enemies passing through walls and other objects while ragdoll is active


Another Arboria update is now available! The Tainted Throne Update is the sixth major update and there are more to come in the future. Keep following the game on Steam to stay up to date with monthly improvements. 

Check the full development roadmap to find out what’s planned for the future: Arboria – Roadmap of Updates.


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