Arboria: Roadmap of Updates

19 May 2020

The future of Arboria looks Veri bright (pun intended)!

Greetingz, Yotunz!

Thank you for your fantastic reception of Arboria and for joining our Tribe. Together we will heal the Father Tree and make our village prosper!

To do so, the Yotunz need a plan. Here’s our development roadmap overview for the upcoming Early Access updates:

Please note that the content of the roadmap is subject to change. We want to prioritize community reports above all else.

Elemental Update

Coming up next is the Elemental Update, which will feature:

  • New Symbionts: Lance, Sabre
  • New armor: Unique Armor I & II
  • New gameplay-changing Elements: Shock, Dark (read more below)
  • New usable items: Rootrap, Grenade
  • New Traits: Elemental Mirror, Torturer, Voices in Head
  • New NPCs: Gromm da Stoned – the Village Healer
  • New quests: Troll in a Maze, Crab Stash
  • New dungeon chambers
  • Reworked Shield Mutation (skill)
  • Sweet new dance moves / New jiggly dance celebrations
  • Voice-overs and additional sounds
  • Tip screens
  • Various fixes
Gromm da Stoned and the five elements

New elements

Each new element brings plenty of additional content to the game. Introducing Shock and Dark Elements will result in:

  • 2 new versions of each regular enemy
  • 2 new versions of each Mutation (skill)
  • 5 new versions of Traps
  • 5 new versions of Grenades
  • 4 new Healing Bongos
  • New crafting option

Future updates:

Bugz Update

The Bugz Update is looming just over the horizon, with new bug-like enemies and weapons to smash them. Rumor has it a new NPC—the fairy matron—is planning to settle in the village. But that’s not all we’ve prepared for you. Stay tuned.

Queens Fall Update

Feeling chills down your spine? You should be. The elemental Queens are coming and they’re in the mood for killing, tearing, and slashing. Not necessarily in that order. You will need all the help you can get from new NPCs and leverage new weapons and armor to survive. Await the Queens and more news.

And more!

But that’s not all we’ve been cooking up for you. In the future you can expect a variety of new features added, such as:

  • New Biomes
  • More dungeon levels
  • New Symbiont Archetypes & Grades
  • New Mutations
  • New usable items
  • New enemies and bosses
  • New quests
  • And more!

We encourage you to discuss the upcoming changes in Steam Discussions and on Discord. Can you guess what the Crab Stash quest will require? Or what the Elemental Mirror does?

Please continue to support us with your Steam reviews (they help a lot!) and share your feedback. It means the world to us! We keep track of Known Issues and Update Notes on Steam.

Now, descend into the dungeons of Durnar and prepare for the upcoming update!

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