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25 Jul 2022

All in! Games and One More Level have signed an agreement to terminate cooperation over the project CyberSlash

The management board informs that the decision was made in order to concentrate financial resources on the projects under development in teams and subsidiaries incubated at All in! Games: Happy Little Moments and Ironbird Creations. Due to the scale of the projects, they require increased costs.

The decision was made following the development strategy for the group of companies.

“We deeply care about growing our internal development teams and projects they are working on,” said Marcin Kawa, All in! Games CEO. “It leads to creating values inside the group of companies and keeping full control over the teams. The games developed internally have passed successive stages of the in-house verification, based on our rigorous process of project appraisal. Now they require increased funding to let us complete them according to our quality standards. The first game among them, Project Raise, will be presented this year.”