Top 8 Happy Video Games to Cheer You Up

3 February, 2022

Let’s face it, sometimes life doesn’t give us all that much to smile about and you’ll find yourself looking for something to cheer you up. Thankfully, there are some cheerful video games that can do just that.

Check out the top 8 happy video games that will make you smile again.

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1. Flower

Source: press kit

How in the world can a game with a title like this not make you immediately feel a touch of bliss? The vibrant, happy video game Flower lets you play as the wind with a bit of artistic flair. Your task is to pick up and guide flower petals as you blow across different, beautiful landscapes. Do as the wind does and create beautiful, dancing art. Flower is all about not worrying about everything and letting things take you where they may, just like a flower petal on the wind.

2. Slime Rancher

slime rancher
Source: press kit

When your regular life on the farm just doesn’t bring the joy it used to, a trip to a planet far, far away might turn that frown upside down. You play as Beatrix who left the ranching life to go wrangle extraterrestrial slimes million of light years away from Earth. Collect colorful and oddly cheerful slimes, gather resources, and amass a fortune that is literally out of this world. This colorful sandbox game is the perfect happy video game to play when you need to unwind or a little pick-me-up.

3. Animal Crossing: New Horizons

animal crossing new horizons
Source: press kit

Find peace and harmony in a beautiful island utopia. Collect, decorate, and craft your way to a beautiful and happy little getaway of your own. Don’t forget to make some animal friends in the meantime! Animal Crossing: New Horizons is blissful escapism in its finest form.

If you start feeling a little restless, go visit a friend’s island and see what they’ve done with the place! With tons of things to collect, beautiful places to see, and colorful characters to interact with, Animal Crossing is one of the best video games to cheer yourself up.

4. Bugsnax

Source: press kit

If you thought that bugs and snacks put together couldn’t bring a smile to your face, Bugsnax will happily prove you wrong. Go on a whimsical adventure to Snaktooth Island to solve the mysteries you find there and…wait, why does that snail look so similar to a cinnamon roll? And is that a walking taco? What other kind of Bugsnax live there?!

5. Dreams

Source: press kit

Dreams is mostly about creating or finding joy in the creations of others. Use the game’s easy-to-use, built in creation tools to build a world that can only be limited by your own imagination. Once you’re done with your animation, sculpture, building, music, game, or whatever else you decided to create, you can share it with the game’s community.

If you’d rather explore, dive into the library of community creations and take in the great things others created. This cheerful video game is perfect when you feel that the world needs more things to smile about and will definitely make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

6. Tearaway

Source: press kit

You’ll never look at paper the same way again. Travel through a papery world with a vibrant messenger who has a special message that needs to get delivered. Overcome obstacles and puzzles, and meet different characters all made out of colorful and fantastical pieces of paper. Just looking at the game will make you grin, making it one of the best cheerful video games out there. 

7. Stardew Valley

Source: press kit

Welcome to Stardew Valley where everyone and everything is nice (except for maybe the monsters in the cave). Roll up your sleeves and turn your dilapidated farm into an agricultural wonder. If you get tired of upgrading your barn or harvesting crops, take a trip into town where you can talk to NPCs waiting there and help the town regain its former glory. If you’re really lucky, you might even find a significant other and start a family!

Though the graphics might take you back to your GameBoy days, the soundtrack and gameplay are pleasant and relaxing, perfect for when you want to put a rough day behind you.

8. Kind Words

Source: press kit

Kind Words isn’t the type of cheerful video game that you’d expect. Its goal isn’t just to make you feel better, but to make the world a better place. Here a deer brings you mail through an open window, with letters written by real people. Sometimes they are just simple messages and sometimes they’re more emotional questions and admissions. The point here is to share kind words with others and try to bring a little happiness into their life. The space is a safe one, free from trolls and bullies. If you want to share a little joy with others or are looking for a little yourself, Kind Words might be a game you’d like to try.

So those are our top 8 happy video games which we hope will make you grin at least a little. Have you played any of these, or maybe other, video games to cheer yourself up? Share your experience with us on our Discord and bring a little joy to others!

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