Tools Up! (PS4, XONE, Switch) – Update #2

12 Mar 2020

Dear Renovators!

We have some great news for you. The No Time Limit Mode is here for those of you who are not fond of time pressure when designing apartments! The update is available on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.

A bunch of meaningful fixes and improvements has also been implemented based on your suggestions and reports. Your continued support is greatly appreciated. Don’t stop being awesome! We’re waiting for your comments on Discord.

No Time Limit Mode

An alternative campaign mode in which you collect points for stars without time pressure. To finish the level you must either complete all tasks and clean up, or quit the level from the pause menu. You can select this mode when starting a new campaign.

Take your time and create stunning interiors while waiting for the delivery man who’s always late.

List of changes


  • Added a new game mode: No Time Limit Mode (described above)


  • New wall building method—you no longer need to perform the object targeting action. From now on, just press the action button and the character will automatically place the first layer of the wall in the direction in which he or she (or it!) is facing.
  • Improved tutorial tooltips when actions are performed out of order.
  • Added a notification after completing a blueprint task

🔧 Fixes:

  • Fixed misleading blueprint instructions on level 10
  • Fixed various level 25 issues
  • If there’s a spot under furniture, a player who’s approaching the furniture won’t slip over the spot
  • Characters who step on spilled paint while carrying furniture now return to a neutral animation correctly
  • Fixed an issue with a water field which was treated as an apartment field on level 6
  • Added various other fixes

If you’re satisfied with the changes, please consider rating Tools Up! on PS and Xbox stores 🙂

Have fun and renovate like there’s no tomorrow!

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