The Red Wings: Aces of the Sky livestream is on!

21 May 2020

Hello, pilots!

Today we’re coming to you with a big surprise—a livestream with the developers to celebrate the release on Nintendo Switch. Watch a new trailer and feel the thrill of flying high above the earth, like an ace ruling the skies. 

Watch the livestream with developer commentary to get some first-hand information about the game:

Want to learn more about the game or its development? Head to the chat section and type your questions—we’ll try to answer them during the livestream!

See the new trailer featuring different plane skins, skills, and the power of the Joy-Cons™:

Hyped? Get the game on Nintendo Switch now:

Take to the skies over the Great War!

Dive into this dynamic action game that puts players right in the middle of thrilling battles with a fresh take on arcade air combat. Travel back in time to the breakthrough period of flight, when the courage of pilots bordered on insanity and death could come at any moment.

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