Space Company Simulator – new patch

01 Jun 2020

Dear Space CEOs!

It’s been a while, but Space Company Simulator is back with new fixes and improvements. There are no limits in space!


📢 Gameplay:

  • Modified UI
  • Added indicators above buildings to mark new events
  • The progress of constructing the Astronaut Complex and space program: Moon can now be viewed from the map level
  • Improved the “close” button in Mission Control to make it easier to spot
  • Fixed the FT-1 Component Test mission requirements
  • Fixed the Curiosity perk (the income is now correctly counted every turn)
  • Fixed the issue whereby the rocket speed would cap at 8000km/h
  • Fixed the issue with rocket launch SFX playing outside of the launch animation
  • Fixed the issue with some rockets disappearing after skipping turns
  • Fixed the university course which allows you to develop two skills simultaneously
  • Contract deadlines no longer reset on accepting
  • Fixed the issue with Scholarships Perk not adding 5% of the funds

⚙ Assembly:

  • Fixed the issue with component slot names disappearing after being pulled from the rocket
  • Assembly sandbox: Rocket Cam views during a rocket launch now updates normally
  • Fixed disappearing names of components in blueprints
  • Improved the limit of building several components during one turn
  • Information about created components no longer disappears after closing the panel
  • Fixed text formatting in component descriptions

🔧 Other:

  • Moved to Unity 2019.3
  • Fixed the issue with some rockets stopping after launch
  • Fixed the issue whereby the point value added after every turn would disappear
  • Corrected translations of component names in the component creation panel / Fixed names of components in the component creation panel (only in the Polish language version)
  • Game can now be saved on slots 1 and 10 
  • Changed a 3D model of the space station
  • Added missing descriptions to building upgrade effects
  • Improvements in the Helper window’s text
  • And more!

Keep giving us awesome ideas and suggestions on Steam and Discord. Thank you all for helping us make this update happen. If you like the changes, please consider dropping us a review on Steam—we’d love to hear what you think!


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