Red Wings: Aces of the Sky—The Versus Update is here!

06 Aug 2020

Attention all Pilots!

The Versus Update has landed! Watch the new trailer:

Versus Mode introduces a brand new Battle Mode in which you can fight against other players locally in three different match types.

New Match Types

  • Hide N’ Seek – Hunt for another player in the battlefield of the sky where all enemy warplanes look the same.
  • Time Battle – Try to achieve a better score than your opponent in a limited amount of time.
  • Score Battle – The first pilot to achieve a required score wins the game.

A New Battleground

Fly over the brand new Mossy Volcano battleground in Versus Mode. You can also choose other available maps now!

New planes (and skins)

Etrich Taube

The Etrich Taube was a pre-World War I monoplane aircraft and the first military aircraft to be mass-produced in Germany. While the difficult and slow-to-turn plane had been removed from front line service just six months into the war, many future German aces would learn to fly in the Etrich Taube. Can you take advantage of the plane’s speed in Red Wings: Aces of the Sky to emerge victorious?

Bristol M1

The Bristol M.1 Monoplane Scout was the only British monoplane fighter of the First World War to reach production during the conflict. Although the machine was promising, institutional mistrust of the monoplane platform resulted in only 130 aircraft being constructed. Fly the Bristol M.1 Monoplane Scout in Red Wings: Aces of the Sky and judge the plane’s quality yourself.


  • Added a new fully customizable Versus Mode for local split-screen mode.
  • Added 2 new warplanes: The Bristol M1 (Triple Entente) and Etrich Taube (Triple Alliance). 
  • Added 10 skins (including legendary ones) for the new warplanes (8 of them have to be unlocked).
  • Added 1 new battleground with 3 weather types in Versus Mode.
  • Added a new main menu tab: Battle Modes. It contains Versus Mode and Survival Mode.
  • Added a new upgrade for the auto aim system: when applied, the viewfinder doesn’t shake anymore, and auto aim precision is increased.
  • Fixed the points counter for high score based Story Mode missions in Co-op Mode.
  • Fixed the Story Mode co-op bombardment missions.
  • Corrected various translation bugs.
  • Fixed loading screen freeze bugs.
  • Fixed the main menu lightmap.
  • Fixed tutorial bugs.
  • Upgraded minimap objects to make the minimap more clear for players.
  • Fixed the Survival Mode high score screen: the minimap objects are no longer visible in the background of the high score screen.
  • Fixed the position of the “desertion” sign after the death of any player in  Co-op Mode
  • Corrected the summary screen typo “takekdowns”.
  • Fixed various sound effects bugs. 
  • Fixed other various minor bugs.

Let us know what you think about the new update and swap stories with other daredevil pilots on our Discord server.

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