Paradise Lost: The Last Story on Earth Series begins today!

30 Jul 2020

Today we’re opening the vault to Paradise Lost’s ‘Last Story on Earth Series’. WWII went very differently in Paradise Lost than the events we know from our timeline.

The documents in the vault will help to paint a more detailed picture of the alternate world you’ll find yourself in when you play Paradise Lost. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to have some interesting content to keep you occupied until the game comes out!

The series will consist of a variety of historical documents that will be released every Monday and Thursday. Each document will shed some light on the mysterious events that lead to the nuclear wasteland that Paradise Lost takes place in.

The first document in the series is being posted today, check it out HERE.

Some of the types of documents found in the vault are:

  • International newspapers
  • The personal letters and notes of people involved in various historical events
  • Military reports
  • Resistance intel
  • The underground newspaper of the Polish resistance
  • And more!

Each addition to the series will be posted on Paradise Lost’s social media channels in addition to appearing as a new thread on the Paradise Lost Steam forum. Follow the series and become an expert on the history of Paradise Lost, discover the last story on Earth hidden in the shadows of the past.

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