Of Bird and Cage—a new patch is here

7 October, 2021

Hey Headbangers!

A new Of Bird and Cage patch has arrived! The patch introduces several gameplay fixes and solves the issue with broken achievements. 

Read the changelog here:

  • Fixed the following achievements: 
    • Bulls Eye
    • A True Addict
    • Professional Drunk
    • Stealth
    • Crazy Driver
    • Code Master
    • Completionist
  • Fixed the following issues in Prologue (House):
    • A long loading time when opening the main menu 
    • [Controller] Getting stuck in openables (doors, closets, lockers) 
    • [Controller] Loading screen B Button (going to the main menu) 
    • [Controller] Ending sequence (going from the ending screen after the prologue to the main menu) 
  • Fixed the Collect Clothes quest in Trailer Park 1 (Beauty and the Beast)
  • Fixed the following issues in The Time Has Come (Alley):
    • Generator has a blurred screen
    • Bres disappears after falling from ladder 
    • General collision issues
  • Changed the following in Subconscious (Dream 2):
    • Increased the decal glow of the bird on the first stone in the sequence
    • Fixed the Run Over Tormentors quest
  • Fixed the issue with the dealer continuing to hit Gitta during the ending sequence in Huff Huff and Puff (Warehouse 4)
  • Fixed the issue with a double of Gitta appearing when pushing a crate in Hear Me (Warehouse 5)
  • Fixed the issues with the trip wire trap and quests appearing during cutscenes in Father (Trailer Park 2)
  • Changed suicide letter format from female to male in Father (Trailer Park 2)
  • Fixed the Achievement system
  • Fixed the issue with the Drug Vial counter filling in whenever talking to the dealer in Huff Huff and Puff (Bar)
  • The number of story-items on the ending screen was changed from 29 to 30 and at the end of Act III from 4 to 5
  • [Controller] Changed dragables and large movables to RT/R1 on controllers instead of X/Square
  • [Controller] The controller’s layout text was fixed to the correct layout in the pause menu
  • [Controller] Fixed slow walking animations
  • Fixed the issue with an infinite loop of loading when clicking back during a loading screen
  • Fixed the issue with the pause menu staying on screen when spamming ESC and pause 
  • Fixed the issue in which the player was able to freeze a song’s timer while playing regularly

Thank you for all your feedback so far. Feel free to share even more suggestions or your impressions in our Steam Discussions and on our Discord server.

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