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09 Jun 2021

Do you feel the world of Paradise Lost left you wanting more? Take a peek behind the scenes and discover intriguing details from the development of the game in a digital art book. Listen to the soundtrack from Paradise Lost, composed by Magdalena Urbańska, and descend into the bunker once more.

The art book is now available for free on Steam and GOG for all owners of the game. The soundtrack is also available for free on the PS Store, Steam, and GOG for game owners, or sold separately for $4.99.

Watch a new trailer:

In addition, Paradise Lost is now 34% off on the PS Store (until June 18), Steam (until June 23), and GOG (until June 28). Check out other sales here.

We’ve also released a new patch, bringing such changes as adding input rebinding and removing head bobbing.

See the full changelog:

  • Removed head bobbing
  • Created an input rebinding section in the menu
  • Exposed CAS to the user for AMD
  • Fixed the floating in Depression (after the last EVE mode)
  • Fixed the default materials in Lucjan’s cave in Depression
  • Fixed the language setting on GOG (enabling PT-BR)

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