Lumberhill is now available!

13 June, 2021

Hey-ho Lumberjacks!

Lumberhill is now out for PC. Race against time as a lumberjack, chop wood, and chase animals back into their pens to fulfill tasks while dinosaurs, meteors, and nature itself are set on stopping you. Invite a friend and play online or locally in co-op and pvp mode or play solo!

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Get Lumberhill 10% off until June 20. In addition, you can get a DLC on Steam with 4 unique skins in the Powerful People Pack 40% off until June 20.

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In Lumberhill you will:

  • Put your teamwork skills to the test with up to 3 additional friends in local or online co-op or PvP, or play alone in solo mode
  • Have your butt kicked by nature
  • Complete orders in a wide variety of challenging, time-limited levels
  • Deal with chaotic random events such as wildfires, meteor showers, and pirate attacks
  • Unlock new exciting worlds and a wide variety of skins as you progress
  • Find unexpected routes and ways of doing things
  • Throw pandas around and evade dinosaurs
  • Probably kick your friends off the map by accident a lot (or on purpose—we don’t judge)

Don’t miss the game on Nintendo Switch, coming Q4 2021.

What are you most looking forward to in the game? Let us know on our Discord.

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