‘It came from space and ate our brains’: About the items

20 Mar 2020

Having trouble making it through hordes of aliens? Here’s some gear that will help you to stay alive (for another few seconds, anyway):

Blue pick-ups: 

  • Medkit – A life-saving tool that will help you when the aliens get too close. Trust me, I’m the doctor. All players within the heal area will be granted a heart. Sounds more romantic than it really is. Can be used to revive teammates.
Oh, yeah, that’s better. Now back to killing.

Green pick-ups: 

  • Beams – Get a frickin’ laser beam attached to your head! It will protect you from harm and harm others instead. Mwahahaha!
  • Shield – Better than using your face.
  • Mines – A powerful area-effect weapon. Step on it and it’ll explode after a while. Blink and you’re dead. Just run as fast as you can… and leave the aliens behind! Hey, alien, it would be a real shame if you stepped on THIS!
  • Turret – Exterminate! Exterminate! Place it on the ground and it will automatically shoot enemies in its range. It’ll explode after a while, exterminating everything around it.
Who knew the alien invasion would be in neon pink?
Dear aliens, sorry we had to kill you. Sincerely, Earth.

Gold pick-ups: 

  • Money – Receive 2500 coins to spend on weapon upgrades!

Pink pick-ups:

  • Random temporary weapon upgrade – Lasts for 30s and is always one upgrade level higher then your current weapon level. 
I need this. Not want, need. 

Keep an eye out for these items while exploring locations full of aliens to delay your inevitable death just a little…

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