HARDER Update now available on consoles!

19 Jun 2020

Good day, Alien Slayers!

The HARDER Update for ‘It came from space and ate our brains’ is now available on consoles! What’s in it for you? We improved the game by addressing the feedback we’ve gathered from reviews, events and player messages.

Main update features:

  • All Campaign and Survival maps have been updated and improved for navigation (added navigation markers), performance (removed shadows cast by small objects) and gameplay (re-designed layouts)
  • Rumble has been added to the game when using a controller
  • We’ve added Korean and Traditional Chinese to the language options

Full changelog:

  • Improved all Campaign maps, adding visible guides
  • Improved all Survival maps, removing shadows cast by small objects
  • Improved “Co-op” triggers to pressure plates instead of buttons
  • Added controller rumble to the game
  • Added a wave counter to Survival Mode
  • Added a feature where the weapon wheel is accessible while waiting to be revived
  • Added a “final wave” message to Survival Mode
  • Added Korean and Traditional Chinese language options
  • Added invulnerability while sprinting
  • Fixed a bug where highscores weren’t saved
  • Fixed a bug where “waiting for teammate to revive you” was visible in Campaign Mode
  • Fixed a bug where the incorrect text was displayed when waiting for the train
  • Fixed a bug where the sound of the laser gun would get stuck
  • Fixed a bug where terminals would not initially respond to button presses
  • Fixed a bug where players were able to give input during the Game Over screen
  • Fixed a bug in the Alleys map where players would fall through the floor
  • Fixed a bug in the Rooftops map where players would fall off the lifted container
  • Fixed a bug in Survival maps where the drone would drop crates in unreachable places
  • Fixed a bug where turrets would shoot at aliens behind walls or obstacles
  • Fixed a bug where aliens would spawn too close to players
  • Fixed a bug where guns would continue to fire on the victory screen
  • Tweaked the revival mechanic for Survival mode
  • Tweaked alien movement speed on Easy difficulty
  • Tweaked the difficulty of the Hospital survival map
  • Tweaked the first waves of aliens in the Rooftops map to not be endless
  • Tweaked the flashing effect for Egg and obstacles to be less obtrusive
  • Added the All in! Games logo to the intro sequence
  • Fixed a bug where the game needed to reboot in order to switch the first player’s controller
  • Improved rumble for different types of controllers
  • Added rumble effect to weapons
  • Fixed several bugs that would cause Rumble to continue endlessly
  • Fixed z-fighting issues with some of the arrows on the ground
  • Fixed an issue that would cause music to stop playing when restarting a level
  • Tweaked rumble effects for pickups, sprints and health

Switch-only changes:

  • Fixed a bug where changing the language would cause languages to be mixed
  • Fixed a bug where the correct language wasn’t selected upon first launch

Let us know what you think about the changes on Discord and share the good news with all alien exterminators around the world. But do it HARDER!

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