Ghostrunner and other All in! Games titles were well-received at top online gaming events

16 Jun 2020

Last weekend (June 11-14) featured three big online events in the world of gaming— The Escapist Indie Showcase, PC Gaming Show, and Future Games Show. All in! Games stood out in the international field, presenting five games from its portfolio, including the highly-anticipated Ghostrunner.

“Initially, we were going to go to E3 2020 in Los Angeles, which is one of the biggest expos in the industry, but ultimately it was canceled due to the global pandemic. That turn of events didn’t discourage us, though, and we switched our focus to online conferences, where we showcased our newest productions—Ghostrunner, Paradise Lost, Alaloth – Champions of The Four Kingdoms, Arboria, and Of Bird and Cage. They have all been very well-received, with great reviews so far, and we are happy with the increased interest our games have received,” Katarzyna Lisiecka, Head of Marketing at All in! Games, explained.

Ghostrunner was the main game shown by the Polish publisher and is one of the most awaited premieres of the year. “We showed a new trailer, which was tailor-made for this conference. It featured new locations, new enemies, and skills of our protagonist. The gaming community was very impressed with what they saw. There are a lot of people who can’t wait to play the full version of this action game set in a brutal cyberpunk dystopia,”  All in! Games COO Piotr Żygadło said. “After releasing the demo, our Ghostrunner campaign took off and we’ve had positive media coverage from the likes of IGN, Polygon, Gamespot, Rock Paper Shotgun, and USGamer,” he added. 

Moving up in the ranks

Another game that gained significant interest was Alaloth – Champions of The Four Kingdoms, which was developed in collaboration with the veteran of the RPG genre, Chris Avellone. The exclusive gameplay trailer was presented at the PC Gaming Show and it also made it to the Indie game segment at the Future Games Show. “All in! Games was one of the sponsors of the PC Gaming Show, sitting next to the world’s leaders of the industry, such as Intel, Epic Games, and Sega,” Katarzyna Lisiecka explained. 

“Since the event, the game has been picking up steam. It made its way to the main Steam page in the ‘Games Streaming Now’ category and moved up several positions in the top wishlist ranking. At the time of the trailer’s showing, over 80 thousand people were watching the live coverage on Twitch alone. In addition to that, the conference was streamed on Twitter and Facebook, while the total number of views on YouTube reached half a million. We’ve received lots of positive feedback from fans and reviews from the media. The game was covered by such magazines as PC Gamer and Rock Paper Shotgun, just to name a few. It was definitely a good weekend for this title,” Katarzyna Lisiecka added.

Attracting attention

Paradise Lost saw a major increase in the number of potential gamers as well, thanks to a trailer and a two-minute video with commentary from one of the game’s developers. 

“Paradise Lost is a narrative-driven puzzle adventure game with a nonlinear plot, which takes place in an alternate reality, in a world ravaged by World War II. It’s set in a mysterious bunker, where advanced technology mixes with Slavic folklore and myths. We are very excited to have presented Paradise Lost to a wider audience and we’ve noticed a significant increase in interest in the game. It’s also started to attract media attention, which is a very promising sign ahead of the premiere,” the Head of Marketing at All in! Games summed up.

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