Our UX Research & Accessibility Coordinator will give a lecture at Game Connection Online 2021 Winter!

30 November, 2021

We’re pleased to share that Łukasz Stawarz, our UX Research & Accessibility Coordinator, will be giving an online lecture on “Creating Meaningful UX Processes For Indies On a Budget” at the winter edition of Game Connection Online on December 1, 2pm CET.

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Łukasz’s talk will teach listeners how to easily turn regular development actions into UX research efforts that can help developers create more user-friendly games that cater to wider audiences. 

The key pillars of the presentation will focus on designing, playtesting, and debriefing analyzed through a UX lens, and will identify possible ways developers can implement UX practices with little to no budget and minimal overheads. The main takeaway of the talk will be that UX is about mindset and your willingness to shift it in order to realize that UX processes can work in harmony with existing development activities.

The “Design” section will be about creating features with clear intentions and goals for the user. It will focus on testability and how simple tools can make development more data-driven and focused.

The “Playtesting” section will present the best practices of preparing playtesting sessions and the limitations of playtesting.

The “Debrief” section is focused on the crucial ‘learning part’ of every research project regardless of scale.

We hope to see you there!

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