Ghost Town—Before you visit

20 December, 2021


Have you heard of the Pripyat Residential Area before? It was a symbolic place. One of the nuclear cities of the “peaceful atom” era. Sadly, the industry that gave Pripyat its purpose ultimately was responsible for its demise.

With the upcoming free content update, Ghost Town, you’ll be able to visit the neighborhood, now nothing more than a graveyard of dreams. The area isn’t safe either. Make sure you watch your step when crossing the river filled with chernobylite crystals.

Besides the lurking threat of hidden supernatural creatures, the Pripyat Residential Area is the only place in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone with a huge amount of chernobylite structures. Here you’ll find the largest chernobylite crystals in the Zone. Make your way through the thicket of chernobylite and search the floors of buildings one by one.

It’s a bit ironic that a city of science and engineering now looks like a supernatural being, isn’t it? Buildings overgrown with chernobylite seem to be from another dimension. It’s even more eerie with all the remnants of Pripyat’s residents—abandoned cars, forgotten toys…

Interestingly, those few who returned to speak of Ghost Town mentioned dolls specifically. There are real, deadly monsters around, and all they can talk about are dolls? The radiation must have affected their brains.

Explore the new area carefully—who knows what secrets are hidden there. Will you be able to survive? Enter Ghost Town on December 21.

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