Gamescom 2020 Online was a blast!

02 Sep 2020

It’s not surprising that gamescom 2020, just like so many other events this year, was moved to the virtual world. But that didn’t stop us from showing up with 6 of our games to show off! Ghostrunner, Paradise Lost, Metamorphosis, Alaloth – Champions of The Four Kingdoms, Of Bird and Cage, and the brand new Ridiculous Catapult Simulator all made an appearance. Here’s a quick recap of the most important info for you.


News from the cyberworld had tons of viewers really excited! A brand new trailer and gameplay video were presented during gamescom’s Awesome Indies show. We made sure to save the videos for you for later. Dive in!

We’re also thrilled to announce the registration for the Ghostrunner Beta, which will launch in September!

And thank you for your awesome feedback. Here are some comments that almost made us cry. Almost:

Cyberpunk 2077: gets delayed
Ghostrunner: say no more
― FunKliqz

The soundtrack alone has me hooked
― Sixftsenpai

I can’t lie, this one is one of my most anticipated games of the year.
― TrueFame YT

10/10 IGN this game makes you feel like John Wick with katana
― Dux

This game looks cool, love the difficulty appeal and the synthwave music, Im hooked!
― Digitalz TV

Have you joined the new Official Ghostrunner Discord Server yet? If not, head over now and join the speculation on the big surprise coming September 15 with the rest of the Resistance:

Paradise Lost

The latest CGI trailer for Paradise Lost debuted at gamescom 2020 as a part of the Awesome Indies Show. Watch it and learn more about the history of the abandoned bunker. Do you still dare go inside?

Get a glimpse of the bunker:

This is what you said online:

What a great cinematic trailer, definitely got my interest
― Tristan Jersey

“Abandon all spare time, all ye who buy this game”
― Repubbles McGlonku

Ok boi’s who knows what the song was, i need it
― Holy Moon Emily
(We can answer that one 🙂 The song featured in the trailer is a Polish lullaby called “Na Wojtusia z popielnika” (“From an ash pan at Wojtuś”)).

Follow our Last Story on Earth Series here to learn more about the history of Paradise Lost.

Of Bird and Cage

A release window for Of Bird and Cage was announced at gamescom 2020—the game is coming to PC in 2021! Set the mood by watching the latest Of Bird and Cage trailer here and experience music brought to life:

Additionally, Of Bird and Cage received the Game of the Show prize awarded by Gamerspack. We’re honored!

Thank you for your amazing feedback. Here are just a few of the comments:

As an indie dev I’ve thought of this concept before but don’t have the budget to try doing it (honestly no idea why more games don’t have full epic soundtracks with the game designed around them, music is so powerful as a story device). I love metal and I can’t wait to play this.
― Isaac

Looks freaking amazing! Can’t wait to try!! And the list of artists… damn!! Wishlisted!!!
― Nati Shaer

Well…Came for the game, listened to the music, stayed for both! Can’t wait!
― Panos Dimitrakopoulos

Alaloth – Champions of the Four Kingdoms

A new trailer for Alaloth – Champions of The Four Kingdoms premiered at gamescom. The trailer focuses on exploration and lets you see a bit of the stunning world of Alaloth.

Watch the video now and explore new locations:

Your comments were amazing. Here are some of them:

Looks great so far, and best wishes on the rest of your development journey!
― Power Cosmic

The soundtrack is beautiful! Give it to me…!
― Argonat 
(We can’t share the soundtrack yet, but we can reveal that music in the trailer was created by Music Imaginary: http://www.musicimaginary.com/#/home )

We also revealed that the game will now be coming to Nintendo Switch and PS4 in addition to PC and XBOX, and will aim for a simultaneous release on all platforms. Due to these plans, as well as the global pandemic, the game’s release window has been shifted to 2021.

We know you’ve been looking forward to playing Alaloth, but unfortunately, this situation has forced us to postpone its release. We’ll use this time to polish the game and deliver the most satisfying and enjoyable gaming experience possible. We really value your feedback and support.

Join Gamera Interactive’s Discord server and wishlist Alaloth to show your support!

Ridiculous Catapult Simulator

Ridiculous Catapult Simulator, a 3D tower defense with rag-doll physics and deck-building elements, made its first appearance at gamescom this weekend and is just waiting for bold catapult enthusiasts to start flinging and slinging pretty much everything.

And keep your eye out for flying cars during the Steam Game Festival – Autumn Edition! Be sure to find us and play the demo—we promise your neighbors won’t be calling the cops on your catapulting this time!

Watch the announcement teaser here:

Your feedback was really kind, too! 

So Nice 💘💘💘💘💘💘
― Aliesha Salgado

We hope to see much more as more content from the game is released for you to get excited about!

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