Fort Triumph tips for newbie adventurers

10 September, 2021

Future adventurers and newbie heroes, gather round!

Have you just started your quest in our humorous tactical turn-based Fort Triumph? Or are you still planning your journey and not really sure which path is best? Either way, we have you covered. Follow our Fort Triumph tips for easier and more pleasant gameplay and become the most powerful, the most clever, and the most beautiful hero in the game’s land. Ok, we can’t promise the ‘beautiful’ part.

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1. Explore the map carefully and plan your steps

Fort Triumph map

You have a limited number of moves in every turn, so every mistake means your enemy gets the upper hand. Plan your moves before you take action to take the best possible advantage of all your options. Once you have a strategy in mind, march out of your fort and go forth bravely to dispel the fog of war, claim mines, and fight fantastical beasts.

2. Take notice of your opponent’s strength

You’re a young, level-one hero on a journey through uncharted territory, hungry for your first victory. Wonderful. You want to attack enemies to gain experience and level up. Fantastic. You fling yourself on the first enemy you see and promptly end up dead. Ouch. Before letting out your warcry, hover your mouse over an enemy to see their strength and how likely you are to win. The more skulls you see, the tougher the opponent is and the higher the chance you’ll end up pushing up the daisies by the battle’s end.

3. An artifact a day keeps defeat away

You’ll find many artifacts on the map that will give a nice boost to your stats. Even if an item looks cheesy or old-fashioned, it’ll make you stronger (we promise), so don’t look down on artifacts.

4. Don’t miss an opportunity to fight—level up to the max

Fort Triumph exploration

So you’ve already hit level 3 and you’re thinking that you deserve a nice ale and some medieval Netflix. Wrong! Don’t stop gaining XP before you max out your level and use the skill points to develop your heroes. Why take chances when you can simply become the strongest blend of heroic pixels on the map?

5. Strength lies in numbers

The more heroes you have, the better. Recruit as many heroes as possible from the very beginning and let them level up together. This way you’ll have a hero party of similar stats and value that’ll work well as a team. Also, you won’t need to worry about that irritating newbie hero that can’t catch a break and dies in every fight.

6. The road to victory is paved with obstacles…ready for use!

Fort Triumph battle

Your enemies love obstacles on the battlefield, like rocks or trees. They’ll use them for cover, making your chances of hitting them smaller. But two can play that game. Use obstacles and physics to your advantage and make your enemies regret not choosing an open field. Aim and hit a tree or rock and watch it topple onto the enemy. And it’s not just nature that can be helpful. Kick a nearby opponent to send them flying into the target enemy for extra damage.

7. A stunned enemy won’t attack in the next turn

If you can’t kill an enemy immediately, stun them instead. A stunned enemy is too busy trying to figure out what just happened and will leave you alone during the next turn, which means one less thing for you to worry about.

8. Lift them up

If two heroes are next to an enemy, but you have only one action point left, use the Lift skill on an enemy to bump them into your companion. This will activate an Attack of Opportunity and deal extra damage.

Note: this only works if one of the heroes has an Attack of Opportunity as a passive skill and hasn’t been attacked in this battle yet. It’s best to use it with humans, since they have a larger range of the Lift skill than other races.

9. If you don’t like the available skills, level up once more

When you level up, you get a random set of skills to choose from, but let’s say none of them matches your Paladin. Fireball? Nah, don’t wanna. There’s a simple way out—level up once more. You’ll keep your skill points, but the game will generate a new random set. 

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