Chernobylite—Monster Hunt Bestiary

3 November, 2021


The new monsters from the Monster Hunt content update are now roaming the Zone. You must prepare to face them or you won’t survive. Luckily, we’ve been able to gather some data on the monsters and their behaviors that can help you, so you’d better start taking notes.

Feral Chernohost

Chernobylite Feral Chernohost

You’re not alone in the forest—watch out for the Feral Chernohost! This monster usually spawns outdoors, so when you see its green, glowing head, it means survival is about to get real. The Feral Chernohost is extremely fast and it’s hard to escape him running in a straight line—try running in a zig-zag instead.

Overgrown Duster

Chernobylite Overgrown Duster

The Overgrown Duster can appear anywhere as long as there’s a flat surface like on building rooftops or overgrown vehicles. It’s small, blending into its background well, and attacks from a distance, making it an expert at surprise attacks and very dangerous. In addition, the Overgrown Duster has the ability to disappear. By the time you realize it’s there, it’s probably too late.

Ancient Shadow

Chernobylite Ancient Shadow

The Ancient Shadow usually spawns indoors and likes to hide in the dark corners of buildings, so bring your flashlight and don’t get lost. It’s slow, but don’t be fooled—the monster can gain speed by glitching when moving.

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